Monday, November 17, 2014

Jonas: Month Five

Jonas is 5 months old today! 
He weights about 15.8 pounds, according to my home scale. 
He has one tooth, and a second soon to come through, both on the bottom.
After mastering rolling over, he has been obsessed with practicing sitting and standing, with help from mom and dad, and toys. 
He is obsessed with chewing and grabbing everything in sight, which with his tooth can hurt if he grabs you.
He still hates the taste of formula, so is still exclusively breast fed. 
He still co-sleeps with mom and dad, but is slowly moving towards his own crib, unfortunately teething has slowed it down.
And, he still loves bath time, sometimes splashing everywhere. 

Like every other month, we have been picture obsessed. So here are lots of pictures taken in the last month:

"What is nap time?" Jonas usually can only fall asleep in our arms, so when we try to set him down to nap this usually happens.

Once he hit 4 months we started to try rice cereal. He's not the biggest fan. The last couple weeks we have taken a break, but will try it once again this next month in preparation for solids. The biggest struggle is he can tell when we try giving him anything but pure breast milk. Sometimes he acts like my breast milk is liquid gold!

Enjoying our last walk outside in Rexburg for the year. Since November is here the snow has also arrived! We have had record low temperatures the last couple weeks, meaning no more walks outside.

Jonas enjoyed his very first hayride! 

He is obsessed with eating his pacifier. This is constantly happening.

He loves standing!

The extent of our pumpkin patch experience. We didn't feel like finding a farm and getting a pumpkin when we didn't feel like carving this year, with Jonas so young. So we went and picked one out for the experience, at Albertson's.

Mid-rolling over.

The adorable bat for Halloween, more pictures on the previous blog post!

Foot obsessed!

Sometimes he just wants to break out of the bumbo!

Someone has mastered the art of grabbing! He grabbed the lid to one of the pieces to my bathroom set, then dropped it and it chipped. So for safety the bathroom set has moved to spots not reachable by Jonas.

Holding the ball pit balls!

He loves to cuddle with mommy!

Practicing sitting up, instead of sleeping.

Baby selfie!

He's getting too big for his mamaroo swing, he has started to grab and play with the mobile!

He's so big! 
And for the most part a happy baby. 

We are excited for the next month, especially since this weekend we are traveling to Washington to spend Thanksgiving with family!

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