Friday, December 19, 2014

Half A Year

Our beautiful baby boy is 6 months old!

At his latest check up me measured in the 97th percentile for height, 28.25 inches, and weighing 16.5 lbs. In the last month we have spent Thanksgiving in Washington, taken family pictures, and Jonas has reached some new milestones! Since he turned 5 months he has gotten his second tooth, so after we got back from visiting Washington for Thanksgiving we started solids. He has also moved up a size in clothes and diapers. Right after he hit 5 months he really started sitting up on his own, but still needs to be watched in case he falls over, and rolling all over. With his new walker toy he has started walking with it on the kitchen floor. And most recently, he has started to reach for mommy when he wants me and started to do better at sitting up from laying down on his own. 

Sitting up ALL ALONE! He did this right after he hit 5 months. We have worked doing it for longer amounts of time, he has become a pro!

Wearing his first official 6-9 month sized clothing. I could have moved him over a couple weeks earlier but I held onto his smaller clothes as long as possible.

He loves to steal my water bottles!

First time with solids! He has tried, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, bananas (for the purpose of mixing with the green beans), and some small bites of my strawberry yogurt. This also means he has started to make the gross, smelly big boy poo. Which also means more laundry for mommy!

He loves this new toy we got from a Black Friday deal I found on Amazon. When it's on the kitchen linoleum he has started walking around! Usually trying to attack me. 

Jonas met Santa!

We also had our church Christmas party last week, and this picture is just perfect. I thought we were smiling, but Jonas got confused and JT was cheesy. Also, I accidentally matched the boys' outfits. 

He has finally started showing interest in books, so instead of ruining the Hymnal at church we try to keep his own books within reach.

We got a nice break from the cold and snow, which gave us a few chances to go on walks!

Instead of stealing my water bottles I got him his own cups with water, for between feedings. It usually just ends up on his shirt. 

We can't believe our baby boy is grown up so fast!

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