Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jonas: Month Seven

Jonas is 7 months!

It's crazy how much he has grown in the last month, he has reached so many new milestones!
Jonas still only has his two bottom teeth, but they have grown! I even got photo evidence (finally)!
Jonas has added some new foods to his list, pear, squash, apples, peas and whole wheat cereal. He loves all of them, but we still give him a majority of veggies, and he is still breastfed every 3-4 hours. Although that might be changing to formula soon.
Jonas loves to babble on and on with his baby talk.
Jonas's new love is when we play peek-a-boo!
Jonas has mastered sitting, he is even a pro at catching himself when he starts to fall. 
Most of the month he spent wanting to start crawling and scooting, but it usually resulted in head diving. But this last week he has gotten good at scooting, and started trying to lift himself up to crawl! At this pace he might be an expert crawler by 8 months. 
Jonas is a great walker when he is in his walker toy, he's even gotten good at turning around and running in it. He might be an early independent walker!
Jonas is also quite good at pulling himself up, he is great at pulling up from laying down to sitting, but usually needs a little help to stand up.
Lastly, Jonas is still not good with bedtime. He naps well, but he doesn't sleep through the night and he is still co-sleeping with mom and dad. We are slowly trying to get him to sleep in his crib or at least wake up less at night. Hopefully this month we can make some progress!

More about Jonas's first Christmas here!

Sitting in the cart at Albertson's for the first time! (Only shot I got...)

He is fascinated with the blinds.

He always falls asleep when dad wears him.

Jonas LOVES his ball pit now that he is playing more and can sit up better.

Helping with chores.

He loves playing with mom's shoes!


Trying to escape his crib.

This month I've also felt very blessed to have a healthy and thriving baby. At the end of November Jonas started getting little rashes on his belly, so at his 6 month appointment the doctor told me to use Eucerin Eczema strength lotion on the rashes. Which was good because the rashes started showing up all over. When I first started using it Jonas would get upset, but over the last month it has really helped and most of the rashes are almost gone! It was hard to see my little boy irritated with the pain, but it made me grateful to have such a healthy baby, born with no defects. I feel for the mothers who have to watch their children suffer, they amaze me with the strength they hold.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcoming the New Year

Happy New Year!

2014 was such a great year. It definitely had it's hardships for the Dewey household. But it also was filled with love and faith, which made 2014 a great year. 

2014 we became parents. There isn't much better than that. We are so grateful to have such an amazing, healthy baby boy. He has grown and developed so much in the last 6 months, so we are definitely looking forward to continue watching him grow and develop into his personality in 2015. 

2014 also taught me that being a parent is HARD WORK. Especially when your little one is an early teether! But that's why God made babies so beautiful, they are easy to love and care for no matter how sleep deprived you may be. 

In 2014 we started slow with Kjersten being the only one employed the first 2 months. But after much patience and prayer, JT got the job of his dreams working for Intel Security in Idaho Falls. Although we weren't big fans of staying in Idaho, it felt right for us in our lives right now. We still don't understand why, but we know we are where we need to be right now. Which is great because it has given JT a great opportunity to start his career, and he gets paid well so that I can stay home with Jonas. 

In 2015 we of course have made goals to try to better ourselves, which is always important to do in order to progress and learn in life. Our top goal is to become homeowners this year, hopefully by late Spring! We also want to work on living healthier. Today I (Kjersten) felt good stepping on the scale and finding I'm under my goal weight from having a baby, only 1 pound above my starting weight! But we want to work on eating healthier and exercising more. We started and were successful before the Christmas madness, so hopefully we can be better again! 

To celebrate the closing of 2014, and to welcome 2015 we had some of JT's siblings visiting us! We had fun playing games and doing our NYE tradition, cheese fondue. 

{Jonas is totally fascinated with Heath's beard. Oh, and Jonas kept trying to stay up till midnight with us!}

{Around midnight the guys started going crazy, dancing to the music. I think they miss each other.}

Happy New Year!

Jonas's First Christmas

We just celebrated Jonas's first Christmas! It was beautiful. 

We were blessed to have the Dewey's visiting us for the holiday, it was our first time since we married to spend it with JT's family, and our first time spending Christmas in our own home. Although I wasn't too great about getting a ton of pictures with the family, we did catch a few!

At the beginning of the week JT and I celebrated our third anniversary! It has been a great 3 years. We have two Bachelor's degree's and a beautiful baby! To celebrate JT's parents and sister who were visiting us watched Jonas so we could go out. We also exchanged gifts, JT got an Xbox One as a combined anniversary and early Christmas gift, and I got surprised with a beautiful Kate Spade necklace! We are so excited to see what this next year of marriage brings (hopefully buying our first home together!).

On Christmas Eve Eve Jonas enjoyed sitting in the big boy chair at Ihop. We also made some fun Christmas sugar cookies! But failed to finish decorating them before they went stale...

On Christmas Eve we went bowling and enjoyed spending time as a family indoors, because it started snowing (giving us a very white Christmas).

Christmas morning! Jonas slowly learned how to help grab the paper to unwrap the presents. He mostly loved playing with his new toys after we opened them. 

Our poor apartment complex's maintenance guys spent a lot of Christmas day plowing all the snow outside!

Skyping with my family! It was weird spending it away from my family, but I'm grateful we were still able to talk.

We ended the day hanging out in our apartment complex's clubhouse, it has a full sized basketball court and Jonas loves to run in his walker toy. Which is awesome because he has fun, and gets all tuckered out, making bedtime easier!

The day after Christmas JT's brother and his wife came from visiting her family in Pocatello so we could hang out! We missed Lacie and the family, but it was great to see the rest of JT's family. We hadn't seen his brother in over 2 years.

{Jonas fell asleep after eating Sweet Potatoes, it was a Christmas miracle!}

And here's some other random pictures from the Christmas season!

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the season as we did, and remembered our Savior amidst all the Christmas chaos.