Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jonas: Month Seven

Jonas is 7 months!

It's crazy how much he has grown in the last month, he has reached so many new milestones!
Jonas still only has his two bottom teeth, but they have grown! I even got photo evidence (finally)!
Jonas has added some new foods to his list, pear, squash, apples, peas and whole wheat cereal. He loves all of them, but we still give him a majority of veggies, and he is still breastfed every 3-4 hours. Although that might be changing to formula soon.
Jonas loves to babble on and on with his baby talk.
Jonas's new love is when we play peek-a-boo!
Jonas has mastered sitting, he is even a pro at catching himself when he starts to fall. 
Most of the month he spent wanting to start crawling and scooting, but it usually resulted in head diving. But this last week he has gotten good at scooting, and started trying to lift himself up to crawl! At this pace he might be an expert crawler by 8 months. 
Jonas is a great walker when he is in his walker toy, he's even gotten good at turning around and running in it. He might be an early independent walker!
Jonas is also quite good at pulling himself up, he is great at pulling up from laying down to sitting, but usually needs a little help to stand up.
Lastly, Jonas is still not good with bedtime. He naps well, but he doesn't sleep through the night and he is still co-sleeping with mom and dad. We are slowly trying to get him to sleep in his crib or at least wake up less at night. Hopefully this month we can make some progress!

More about Jonas's first Christmas here!

Sitting in the cart at Albertson's for the first time! (Only shot I got...)

He is fascinated with the blinds.

He always falls asleep when dad wears him.

Jonas LOVES his ball pit now that he is playing more and can sit up better.

Helping with chores.

He loves playing with mom's shoes!


Trying to escape his crib.

This month I've also felt very blessed to have a healthy and thriving baby. At the end of November Jonas started getting little rashes on his belly, so at his 6 month appointment the doctor told me to use Eucerin Eczema strength lotion on the rashes. Which was good because the rashes started showing up all over. When I first started using it Jonas would get upset, but over the last month it has really helped and most of the rashes are almost gone! It was hard to see my little boy irritated with the pain, but it made me grateful to have such a healthy baby, born with no defects. I feel for the mothers who have to watch their children suffer, they amaze me with the strength they hold.

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