Thursday, January 1, 2015

Jonas's First Christmas

We just celebrated Jonas's first Christmas! It was beautiful. 

We were blessed to have the Dewey's visiting us for the holiday, it was our first time since we married to spend it with JT's family, and our first time spending Christmas in our own home. Although I wasn't too great about getting a ton of pictures with the family, we did catch a few!

At the beginning of the week JT and I celebrated our third anniversary! It has been a great 3 years. We have two Bachelor's degree's and a beautiful baby! To celebrate JT's parents and sister who were visiting us watched Jonas so we could go out. We also exchanged gifts, JT got an Xbox One as a combined anniversary and early Christmas gift, and I got surprised with a beautiful Kate Spade necklace! We are so excited to see what this next year of marriage brings (hopefully buying our first home together!).

On Christmas Eve Eve Jonas enjoyed sitting in the big boy chair at Ihop. We also made some fun Christmas sugar cookies! But failed to finish decorating them before they went stale...

On Christmas Eve we went bowling and enjoyed spending time as a family indoors, because it started snowing (giving us a very white Christmas).

Christmas morning! Jonas slowly learned how to help grab the paper to unwrap the presents. He mostly loved playing with his new toys after we opened them. 

Our poor apartment complex's maintenance guys spent a lot of Christmas day plowing all the snow outside!

Skyping with my family! It was weird spending it away from my family, but I'm grateful we were still able to talk.

We ended the day hanging out in our apartment complex's clubhouse, it has a full sized basketball court and Jonas loves to run in his walker toy. Which is awesome because he has fun, and gets all tuckered out, making bedtime easier!

The day after Christmas JT's brother and his wife came from visiting her family in Pocatello so we could hang out! We missed Lacie and the family, but it was great to see the rest of JT's family. We hadn't seen his brother in over 2 years.

{Jonas fell asleep after eating Sweet Potatoes, it was a Christmas miracle!}

And here's some other random pictures from the Christmas season!

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the season as we did, and remembered our Savior amidst all the Christmas chaos. 

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