Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jonas: Month Eight

Jonas is 8 months old!

This last month has been bittersweet.
Jonas keeps growing and developing, which is so sweet! But he has also been teething, getting his top teeth, and giving us all sorts of eating and sleeping issues, which is bitter.

Sometimes it feels like everyone else is pulling this motherhood thing off with ease. Pictures posted on social media show a happy, sleeping baby. One that sleeps through the night or eats whatever you give them. And sometimes moms like me feel down because of this. Jonas was a good sleeper for like 2 seconds as a newborn. I have tried every attempt to sleep train. I am not exaggerating. Sometimes you just get a stubborn baby. And since he's gotten older it's gotten harder. But I can't do anything to change the past. I will know better with any future kids, but right now we are struggling with Jonas. He loves to wake up constantly at night and has decided to no longer take bottles because mom doesn't put her breast milk in them anymore, she puts formula in them. So even when mom just puts juice or water in, he won't take them. So we are working on it. 

So that is why I say this past month has been bittersweet. There have been so many hard moments when I feel discouraged. But there have also been so many great moments, with smiles and giggles. So I photograph those moments, because honestly I don't want to remember the times when we both cry out of frustration. When I'm struggling I like to look at all the cute pictures of Jonas finding a new "toy" to play with, or his first time swinging on a swing at the park. Those are the rewarding parts of being a stay-at-home mom.

Although the park was covered in snow, it was actually pretty warm outside. Jonas loved swinging on the swing and spending some time outside.

We have been working on independent play time. As long as he's surrounded by all his toys he can be amused for up to 20 minutes, then he comes and attacks me.

We have tried to teach Jonas to feed himself, with small bites of banana and breaking up the little baby puffs. It's a slow learning process.

Sometimes he can't reach his toys so he eats his foot!

I still love watching him sleep. I always notice how much he's aged when he's sleeping.

He loves to crawl (army crawl) around and play peek-a-boo.

Most nights when Jonas does go to sleep fast he wakes up around 9-10 pm and protests sleeping. He just loves spending time with both JT and I too much.

He has found the bookshelf!

Teething means obsessed with his tongue. I promise he wasn't over-tired here, he was concentrating on pooping.

Found the door catcher. LOVES the noise it makes.

He's gotten so good at going from sitting to standing, this walker really helps him practice. Most of the time he's either getting into things through crawling, or he is standing along the couch or his toys to play.

Sometimes the carrier is the only way he will calm down or sleep. 

This last month he has gotten very attached to dad. Mom has been his favorite since birth, I'm with him 24/7 with feeding, playing, and sleep. But he loves playing with dad. He has started to realize when JT gets home and always gets excited and crawls to JT before his coat is off. He also gets sad when dad leaves for work in the morning, if he's awake and playing in the living room. 

I am not a morning person. So lately when Jonas wakes up I'll turn on the baby network and give him some toys, which gives me 10 minutes to relax and wake up before we start the day. 

Jonas LOVES going on walks in his stroller, especially in his cozy sweaters Aunt Aimee made for him!

Jonas on Valentines day. He's just the cutest! More photos from Valentine's day on the previous post.

Jonas's adorable outfit at church, finally napping in the last hour with dad.

Jonas is growing so fast. He's becoming more and more of a little human from being a baby everyday!

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Day of Love

Saturday was Valentines Day!

Although I've never been a big fan of this made-up holiday, it's fun to celebrate with your child. It also makes me especially grateful for the opportunity to go on a date with my husband, since those have been rare because of Jonas's attachment to me.

We celebrated with simple gifts of sweets and spending time together, and it was perfect.

Jonas loved spending time with Aunt Britt during Mom and Dad's date.

Since we did an afternoon date JT and I made a nice steak dinner together at home, while simultaneously feeding Jonas his favorites-pureed sweet potatoes and yogurt bites.

We hope everyone enjoyed Valentines day with their loved ones!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Super Bowl

Sadly our Seattle Seahawks lost the Super Bowl, as everyone in America already knows. We had fun watching the game with friends. At church we all wore Seahawks colors, and everyone noticed. And we invited some friends over who have babies around the same age as Jonas, so he could have a fun playdate while we watched the game! 

Although lets be honest, I mostly did the party for the food. We had lots of bacon and goodies. 

Jonas wearing his green and blue polo at church (more like playing in the mothers lounge...)

Part of the fourth quarter both Parker and Jonas napped, watching football can be exhausting!

We hope everyone else enjoyed watching the game! Hopefully the Hawks will get another chance next year!