Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Jonas: Month 9

Jonas is 9 months old!

Jonas has grown so much!
Since Jonas is so tall he was starting to outgrow his infant car seat, and hated to ride in it. So we bought a convertible car seat which for now will continue to be rear-facing, but when he's older and ready can be front-facing and a then booster seat.

This last month we did some more work on trying to get Jonas to use a bottle (with breast milk) and working on his many sleep issues. We even went so extreme with trying to switch to the bottle by stopping breastfeeding cold turkey, pumping milk into bottles. Didn't work. JT even mastered warming up the milk to the perfect temperature. We also tried every type of bottle possible, different nipples, bottles with pictures on them, sippy cups, sippy cup with a straw, and mom's BYUI water bottle, but nothing worked. We made it through a night with little sleep, but 24 hours later Jonas wasn't having very many wet diapers and his poop was also dehydrated, so we stopped the cold turkey since he was showing no signs of giving in and we couldn't let him starve. So now we are trying different, smaller approaches. Maybe we will use the cold turkey approach again when he gets a little older.

Although we did not succeed with switching Jonas over to a bottle, we have made progress on Jonas's sleep issues. We have continued to use our nightly routine, which 99% leads to him going to sleep, he just continues to wake up throughout the night. We have also gotten better with nap time. Jonas averages on 4 hours of napping a day, usually 2 2-hour naps a day. All this sleep time continues to be in our bed, but he is warming up to his crib.

This month Jonas has also gotten more confident in his walking around furniture, standing up while holding with one hand or holding a toy, and climbing. He's pretty good at climbing the couch to get to the blinds. His newest obsessions are getting to the toilets and our kitchen trash can, combined with some other behaviors (like panting when he wants something) Jonas often resembles the behaviors of a dog. When we get one (in the future) they will definitely get along. 

Jonas looking through the blinds, on lookout for dad to come home.

Playdate with friend Owen!
Showing off his 3 teeth! The top tooth has really grown! He is currently getting his other tooth, grinding his teeth which sometimes bleeds a little.
This past month my poor little boy got sick for the first time in his life! I feel blessed he lasted 8.5 months without getting sick. He napped for 5-6 during the day and slept well. He's feeling much better now.
So much hair!

Learning to wave.
He has learned to get between the couches then crawl behind the reclining love seat, it's like his own tunnel!

We have done some serious baby proofing, he gets into EVERYTHING! Most of my day involves me stalking Jonas so he doesn't hurt himself or get into anything.

JT's sister, Aunt Paige, visited us this past weekend from Salt Lake. Jonas is pretty attached to me so he stuck by me until the end when he started warming up to her. She'll just have to visit more!
One of my new favorites, I caught a gem here!

He's constantly moving!

Jonas is very much a momma's boy. He's overly attached to is momma. Second in his life is his dad, who he loves to play with, but he saves the cuddles for mom. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Sunday Birthday

Sunday was this guy's 26th birthday!

We had a good day, filled with church (which was extra long for JT since he's the ward clerk AND we had a linger longer afterwards), JT got plenty of video game time during nap time, skyping with his siblings, and ending the daylight with a walk around nature park and some disc golf. 

Since his birthday did fall on Sunday we went out to eat on Saturday for some good steaks, at Texas Roadhouse. It was a good weekend, despite Jonas being a little sick and fighting our attempts at using a bottle.

I love this man so much. This last year has been a big one, JT started his real job 2 days after his birthday last year, then we had Jonas and through it all we have learned a lot. I think this last year as been the most we have grown together, learning how to be parents and overcome the many difficulties it brings, together. I love you, JT!