Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Sunday Birthday

Sunday was this guy's 26th birthday!

We had a good day, filled with church (which was extra long for JT since he's the ward clerk AND we had a linger longer afterwards), JT got plenty of video game time during nap time, skyping with his siblings, and ending the daylight with a walk around nature park and some disc golf. 

Since his birthday did fall on Sunday we went out to eat on Saturday for some good steaks, at Texas Roadhouse. It was a good weekend, despite Jonas being a little sick and fighting our attempts at using a bottle.

I love this man so much. This last year has been a big one, JT started his real job 2 days after his birthday last year, then we had Jonas and through it all we have learned a lot. I think this last year as been the most we have grown together, learning how to be parents and overcome the many difficulties it brings, together. I love you, JT!

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