Sunday, April 5, 2015

Family is of God

As a member of the LDS faith I had the opportunity to learn from and listen to the 185th Annual General Conference. Conference started strong a week early at the General Women's broadcast, which used last year's Primary theme "Family is of God". Then during conference we had the normal 2 2-hour general sessions and priesthood session. But, I think this year conference was also made special since it fell on the celebration of Easter.

As always I did my best to take notes during the talks, to help me remember important lessons and to return for later study. Reflecting over my notes now I feel so grateful that questions and hardships can be guided from listening to, and actively taking notes from, these various talks. Sister Oscarson's talk from the Women's Conference especially stood out to me. She shared that the sanctity of the home is under attack in the world and because of this we need to do our best to maintain the proclamation the best we can. I have a copy hanging in our home, and I once memorized it for a family class and hope to again memorize it for the benefit of my family. I feel this will help me do a little better at defending my home, and give me aide as a wife and a parent.

There were so many touching talks given, it's hard to pick just a few of my favorites. So many touched on the power of the Atonement, and it's ability to strength me when I am weak. I have needed this strength as I am imperfect and have been turning to my Savior for extra help with Jonas lately. But, I also noticed that among all the strong, powerful messages given there were some truly amazing women speaking on faith and families. Sister Burton of the Relief Society Presidency spoke about the degrading messages on men in the world today. This is a touchy subject for me because I have such great respect for the man my husband is, and the man I hope my son will one day become. She reminded me that I must intentionally speak kind words to my husband, and to all man. 

I hope that whoever you are, whether LDS or not, you had a chance to listen to some of General Conference! You can check to listen/read them.

In celebration of Easter we had a fun weekend of Easter egg hunt's and spending time with the Matson's (my sister and her hubby) on top of enjoying General Conference. It was truly a wonderful weekend!

{Basket from Grandma Walker arrived in the mail just in time!}

{Today in Boy's Microfashion}

{Obvious favorite}
{Walker family tradition, crepes between GC sessions}
{Jonas did his best to watch General Conference :) }
{Proof that I can cook! My first time doing ham, it turned out perfectly!}

Happy Easter!

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