Friday, April 17, 2015

Jonas: Month 10

Jonas is 10 months old and has SEVEN whole teeth!

This past month in the world of Jonas has been filled with lots of bedhead, claps, waves, and new dance moves. Oh and teeth. He upgraded to 4 top teeth and 3 bottoms so he has a total of 7! And mom is still breastfeeding...yay. 

{Jonas loves going from happy one second to crazy the next...}
{Jonas LOVES playing with daddy and being on his shoulders} 
{Banging toys together, like boys do}
{Little Mister loves taking pictures selfie mode}
{Jonas loves dancing to music and getting into dad's guitar, possibly a future musician?}

{Like he seriously loves to look at himself, haha}

{He wouldn't stop following me around the house whining so I put the laundry basket on him as a "punishment", which he enjoyed a little too much}
{He's getting smart with his problem solving skills...maybe too smart} 

{He loves playing with his diapers, and prefers playing with them over getting his diaper changed}

{The cutest PJs, and that cheesy grin}
{Mid dance moves}
{Mom left him in his crib so he looked at his picture book}
{Yet another selfie}

{Family game night, Jonas likes when we say Jenga, apparently}

Jonas is such a beautifully stubborn boy. And I love every part of him, even when he won't sleep in his own bed.

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