Thursday, May 28, 2015

Baby's First Haircut

We finally got Jonas's first haircut. It was bittersweet.

While we were in Utah we took Jonas to a fun kid's haircut place called Cookie Cutters, they have fun seats for kids and TVs in front of each chair. When we first got there Jonas was excited to sit in the fun chair, and he liked that they turned on one of his favorite shows, Harry the Bunny. As soon as she started using the clippers he started crying, and didn't really stop until she stopped using the clippers. Once I got close enough for him to hold onto me he calmed down and she was able to trim the longer hairs on top of his little head.

It was sad watching all his long locks falling to the ground. Jonas has SO much hair, and the last few months it had gotten so long. Hence his chronic bedhead. So I looked up some cool hair styles on Pinterest for toddlers and took Jonas to get his hair cut. I'll probably do my best to keep up his hair style between cuts, so we don't have to pay for cuts every month.

Before we started the cut, look at all that hair!

The final product! 
(he knows how handsome he is)

He finally warmed up to Grandma!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jonas: Month Eleven

Jonas is 11 months old, only 1 month away from being 1 year old!

One month away from turning one, and Jonas is already acting like a toddler. He has perfected his whiny cry, luckily it is different from his real cry. Some of Jonas's favorite things include: getting tickled, dancing, looking at himself in the reflection and kissing himself in his reflection, waving, and clapping. Jonas also loves getting into anything he's not supposed to, which keeps me on my toes. His favorite foods are yogurt, cheese, crackers, whole wheat baby cereal, and sweet potatoes. My favorite part of this past month is his efforts to start talking and walking. He can now say "oh" and "momma" with meaning, and he has just started trying "dadda". Usually when Jonas tries to walk he will only take steps holding our hands or holding onto furniture, otherwise he crawls. But lately he's gotten so good at standing on his own, and he made a small step the other day! 

Moving was rough with a baby, but we made it! It was great to have my mom visiting to help, and Jonas really warmed up to Grandma.

Who wants their wipes in the container anyways?

We have made some improvements on Jonas's sleep issues! But we still have a lot of work to get him sleeping normally in his own crib.

Figured out a way around the baby gate, immediately.

While moving Jonas LOVED to try to help with putting furniture together.

Jonas loves his play dates with Owen! We are so sad they are moving this week.

{He fell ontop of his walker toy. lol}

Both houses next to us are currently being built, and Jonas loves watching them build around us. Sometimes we will sit outside and he'll just stare at them.

His hair is getting so long! I'm dreading needing to get it cut.

Kissing himself.

I put my phone on the camera and let Jonas play with it, I get all kind of gems! I found a video that was over a minute long, in the middle of it he was kissing himself on the phone! I watch it at least once a day.

JT has about a million pictures on his phone of Jonas and I sleeping:

Aunt Brittany is one of his favorite people, after his parents.

Haha, I can never get a good picture of the both of us.

We are so excited and sad that he is so close to being 1 year old!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2015

This year was my first time celebrating as an official mother. What a humbling experience it has been to learn about what a mother truly means, this past year. I have struggled far greater than I ever thought I would. But, I have also endured much more. 

Going into motherhood I didn't really know what to expect. I had younger siblings and was quite the popular babysitter from ages 12-18, but motherhood is far different then watching some kids for the weekend. Motherhood means more love for one little individual than you have ever before experienced, while also feeling frustration and sleep deprivation at once. I have endured almost 11 months of breastfeeding (unwillingly, at times) and we still have a family bed, since we can't seem to shake this co-sleeping thing. I never thought I would be "that" type of a mother. But I have realized that since I have become a mom, I don't care about what kind of mom I am. I care that my son is happy and healthy, and that I'm not miserable going through all the different baby "training" trends everyone talks about.

I have also greatly struggled this year, seeing myself become consumed with motherhood and getting put down for others judgments on my parenting. Feeling like I was losing myself in the everyday tedious things. Luckily I have a loving and supportive husband, who I am able to share my feelings with and gain perspective from, and I have my Savior who has helped me see what's really important. That is my faith and my family. So this mother's day I tried hard to appreciate my many great blessings, and the opportunity I have to be Jonas's mother. 

My new pearl necklace, a mother's day gift from my parents. The pearl is the birthstone of June-Jonas's birth month. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Mother's Birthday

Being a mom has changed me in so many ways. I am a little more patient. I am a lot more sleep deprived. I also celebrate my birthday a little differently.

The weekend before my birthday we moved into our new home, and the weather was the typical Rexburg spring wind, so Jonas got a little sick. He needed antibiotics and those make some dirty diapers! So I spent a good part of my day cleaning dirty diapers and giving my silly boy a bath. 

My mom was visiting for a week to help us move, and to see her grandson! Jonas is overly-attached to me but by her last day (my birthday) he had warmed up to her, even reaching for her to hold him.

Birthday celebrations will never be the same, but at least I get to choose where we go out to eat!