Thursday, May 28, 2015

Baby's First Haircut

We finally got Jonas's first haircut. It was bittersweet.

While we were in Utah we took Jonas to a fun kid's haircut place called Cookie Cutters, they have fun seats for kids and TVs in front of each chair. When we first got there Jonas was excited to sit in the fun chair, and he liked that they turned on one of his favorite shows, Harry the Bunny. As soon as she started using the clippers he started crying, and didn't really stop until she stopped using the clippers. Once I got close enough for him to hold onto me he calmed down and she was able to trim the longer hairs on top of his little head.

It was sad watching all his long locks falling to the ground. Jonas has SO much hair, and the last few months it had gotten so long. Hence his chronic bedhead. So I looked up some cool hair styles on Pinterest for toddlers and took Jonas to get his hair cut. I'll probably do my best to keep up his hair style between cuts, so we don't have to pay for cuts every month.

Before we started the cut, look at all that hair!

The final product! 
(he knows how handsome he is)

He finally warmed up to Grandma!

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