Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2015

This year was my first time celebrating as an official mother. What a humbling experience it has been to learn about what a mother truly means, this past year. I have struggled far greater than I ever thought I would. But, I have also endured much more. 

Going into motherhood I didn't really know what to expect. I had younger siblings and was quite the popular babysitter from ages 12-18, but motherhood is far different then watching some kids for the weekend. Motherhood means more love for one little individual than you have ever before experienced, while also feeling frustration and sleep deprivation at once. I have endured almost 11 months of breastfeeding (unwillingly, at times) and we still have a family bed, since we can't seem to shake this co-sleeping thing. I never thought I would be "that" type of a mother. But I have realized that since I have become a mom, I don't care about what kind of mom I am. I care that my son is happy and healthy, and that I'm not miserable going through all the different baby "training" trends everyone talks about.

I have also greatly struggled this year, seeing myself become consumed with motherhood and getting put down for others judgments on my parenting. Feeling like I was losing myself in the everyday tedious things. Luckily I have a loving and supportive husband, who I am able to share my feelings with and gain perspective from, and I have my Savior who has helped me see what's really important. That is my faith and my family. So this mother's day I tried hard to appreciate my many great blessings, and the opportunity I have to be Jonas's mother. 

My new pearl necklace, a mother's day gift from my parents. The pearl is the birthstone of June-Jonas's birth month. 

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  1. You are a WONDERFUL Mother! I'm sure I will need lots of advice this coming year! :] Love having you a sister! xoxoxo