Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mommy & Me Swimming

Although we live in a small town, we are lucky to have a small city owned water park which offers swim lessons in the summers. Jonas and I signed up for the easiest offered class, the Mommy and Me swim class! It's mostly for the mom's, but it also teaches the babies some simple things, like holding your breath to go under water for 1 second. These things make kids more comfortable playing in water.

After day 1, Jonas was chill and uninvolved but he didn't cry much. He also had his first experience going under water (again maybe for 1 second) and didn't completely freak out. I also signed us up for the class with my friend Kylie and her little one, Parker, who is just a few months behind Jonas.

On day 2 Jonas literally slept during half the class, I could not wake him up. With the soothing water and the warm sun he couldn't fight taking a nap. It messed his schedule up the rest of the day and he continued to try to nap throughout the 8 classes.

Swim class on Jonas's birthday (day 3)! We got a morning nap in that day so he had a little more fun, but mostly just stared at everyone and chilled.

On day 4 Jonas started to do a little kicking in the water when I would throw him up in the air during one of our songs. He also splashed a little with his water toy.

Day 5 Jonas got even better at floating. I usually just have to hold his upper half and his bum and legs will float. We also worked on gliding to the wall and Jonas tried to reach for the wall, mostly with just his pointer finger.

On day 6 we had to try life jackets, and none of the babies were fans. Jonas cried while I was putting it on, I don't think it helped that they were already wet from the class before. Jonas didn't mind as much once he was floating on his back, but still holding on tight to me. He even got so relaxed he tried to nap while floating, despite the fact he took a 80 minute nap before swim class.

Day 7 was fun, after doing class as usual we went to the shallow end by the big toy to let the kids walk and play in the shallow water, at first Jonas was hesitant but then I had a hard time getting him out! He was the last one to leave, and we ended up having some fun splashing in the water.

Our last class, day 8, Jonas did well with some of the things we had been working on, like jumping to mom in the water after I count to three. Overall I think he really enjoyed our swim class, even though most of the time he just chilled in my arms. He got more comfortable being in the water in a public setting, and it was nice to have a reason to get into the water for two weeks, of course now I don't know what we are going to do for the rest of summer!

Monday, June 22, 2015

A First Birthday

We had too much fun celebrating Jonas turning one. Although his party wasn't until the following Saturday, we still had lots to do for his birthday. 

We started the day with taking a picture of Jonas at the same exact time as he was born one year ago, 7:09 AM.

Then we hung out and napped until swim lessons.

Then we had a fun time hanging out with Grandma Walker and Harrison who visited from Washington, and Aunt Paige visiting from Utah. We all got so tired we took some unconventional naps.

Once daddy got home we got to open all his presents from us, grandparents, and some aunts/uncles!

Jonas also got his own smash cake. Although we had to do most of the smashing for him, he wasn't a fan (which made me feel good, I avoid giving him sugar and hope to continue as long as possible).

{I just realized my pants match the cake, ha}

Jonas got upset, so I put some frosting on his binky, which made him more upset.

Of course he would rather eat the bubbles during bath time instead of the yummy cake.

He LOVES his new basketball toy.

Overall Jonas had a great birthday, besides the tears shed during cake time. He loved the attention, and he is loving all his new toys!

First Time Homeowners

For those of you who hadn't already heard, JT and I are now officially homeowners! Technically we have been for a couple months...we closed at the end of April but have been very busy so I'm just now sharing pictures (and sorry they are not the best, they are from my iphone).

We bought this new, beautiful home in Rexburg, Idaho (yes we STILL live in Rexburg). It is in a new subdivision called Summerfield. We were lucky enough to find it before someone else grabbed it (like a couple days away from another family putting in an offer). It was built in 2014, so we are the first ones to own it. Hence the lack of grass or blinds, or AC.

{Jonas crawling around the living room when we were first going through the house}
{Closing Day}
{Jonas mastered the stairs while we were moving in}
{Napping on the big move-in day}
It is 1800 square feet- 4 bedrooms, 3 car garage, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 family rooms, and 1 beautiful kitchen! We are in love with our new home, and our new space. I have also loved filling our home with new decorations, I still have more to go, but I have made some great progress and it definitely feels like OUR home.

Starting upstairs:

Right up the stairs we have our family room, where JT stores his video games.

Down the hall from left to right we have the office, bathroom, guest bedroom, Jonas's room, and a linen closet. On the right is the entrance to the master bedroom.

Walking into our master bedroom.

Our master bathroom and walk-in closet. We love our bathroom because we have tons of storage, a large soaker bath/shower, and a small window above our shower to bring in natural light.

This is the office. JT has his computer desk and a corner for his guitar and amp. I have a desk for my laptop and a sewing/craft area. In the future, when we have baby #2, this will be Jonas's big boy room.

Guest/kid bathroom.

Guest bedroom.

Jonas's Nursery. I still have some more to do in here, like I want to get a teepee for by the bookshelf and some wall decals.

Downstairs Living Room, walking in from the front door sitting on the left. (sorry bad lighting)

I made the under the stairs storage space into a small toy room. It's mostly toy storage since Jonas doesn't play in here as much. But I'm still working on decorating it, so maybe he'll like playing in it as I do more with it.

Dining + Kitchen. This kitchen is why I fell in love with the home (after seeing all the gray), I love the white cabinets, the gas stove, high cabinets, pantry, and we bought the fridge.

Mud room, attached to our 3-car garage.

Half-bath, attached to the mud room.

Lastly, laundry room which also has the furnace room to the left. We eventually want to add cabinets above the washer and dryer.

We love our home! I still have a lot I want to do to decorate it and improve it, but we love it. And if anyone knows of a good place that sells curtains, I'm still looking for some cute orange and white ones for downstairs!

First REAL Fathers Day

Yesterday was Father's Day, and we are so thankful for the amazing father that is my husband!

JT is such a great dad. Jonas loves when JT gets home from work, he'll run (walk or crawl fast) to the garage door and hold his hands up for daddy to pick him up. When Jonas wants to be tickled he knows he can go to daddy. JT always gets the best laughs out of Jonas.

JT is also my best friend and partner. We have known each other for almost 5 years, and from the beginning he has always had the ability to make me laugh and smile, that is why I knew he was the one for me. Although sometimes cheesy, he can lift my mood when I'm down. This is also why JT reminds me so much of my dad, because anyone that knows my dad knows his sense of humor. Even if it's not a very good joke, it always makes me laugh. 

Jonas stole JT's Fathers Day cookies from church and kept trying to eat them through the plastic, and threw a fit when I took them away, until I gave him a cracker as a replacement.

Jonas loves playing at the park with dad!

Happy Father's Day to my favorite guy! Jonas and I love you so much!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Family Time

For the week of Jonas's 1st birthday and his party we were lucky to have my Mom and brother Harrison, and my SIL Paige visit. On top of celebrating Jonas turning one, we also squeezed in lots of park time along with other fun activities. Unfortunately I wasn't very good at getting pictures, so here are a few that I stole from everyone else.

Jonas loved riding the airplane at ToysRUs

Walking around with Grandma. No that isn't a yawn, he was talking.

Riding the handicap swing at the park by our house, Jonas always relaxes when we put him in it.

My brother Harrison getting some air.

This visit was especially fun because Jonas has gotten a lot better about his separation anxiety. He's growing up! He did so well playing with Harrison, sometimes he followed him around. He loves giving Grandma kisses and waving at her. And he did so well when Paige held him, even when they were standing right next to me! After months of separation anxiety this guy is finally figuring out that it's okay to hang out with other people, thank goodness!