Monday, June 22, 2015

A First Birthday

We had too much fun celebrating Jonas turning one. Although his party wasn't until the following Saturday, we still had lots to do for his birthday. 

We started the day with taking a picture of Jonas at the same exact time as he was born one year ago, 7:09 AM.

Then we hung out and napped until swim lessons.

Then we had a fun time hanging out with Grandma Walker and Harrison who visited from Washington, and Aunt Paige visiting from Utah. We all got so tired we took some unconventional naps.

Once daddy got home we got to open all his presents from us, grandparents, and some aunts/uncles!

Jonas also got his own smash cake. Although we had to do most of the smashing for him, he wasn't a fan (which made me feel good, I avoid giving him sugar and hope to continue as long as possible).

{I just realized my pants match the cake, ha}

Jonas got upset, so I put some frosting on his binky, which made him more upset.

Of course he would rather eat the bubbles during bath time instead of the yummy cake.

He LOVES his new basketball toy.

Overall Jonas had a great birthday, besides the tears shed during cake time. He loved the attention, and he is loving all his new toys!

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