Saturday, June 20, 2015

Family Time

For the week of Jonas's 1st birthday and his party we were lucky to have my Mom and brother Harrison, and my SIL Paige visit. On top of celebrating Jonas turning one, we also squeezed in lots of park time along with other fun activities. Unfortunately I wasn't very good at getting pictures, so here are a few that I stole from everyone else.

Jonas loved riding the airplane at ToysRUs

Walking around with Grandma. No that isn't a yawn, he was talking.

Riding the handicap swing at the park by our house, Jonas always relaxes when we put him in it.

My brother Harrison getting some air.

This visit was especially fun because Jonas has gotten a lot better about his separation anxiety. He's growing up! He did so well playing with Harrison, sometimes he followed him around. He loves giving Grandma kisses and waving at her. And he did so well when Paige held him, even when they were standing right next to me! After months of separation anxiety this guy is finally figuring out that it's okay to hang out with other people, thank goodness!

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