Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jonas: Month 12

Today Jonas is 12 months old! We can't believe it has already been a year in the world of Jonas...and we survived.

What a year it has been. I just can't believe it. I can still vividly remember my whole birthing process, all the way to the first thing I heard about Jonas "he's got lots of dark hair!" thanks to the doctor as they were sending him to the NICU from my emergency C-section. It has been a long and loving year. And saying "year" still blows my mind. I still feel like Jonas should be a little newborn, who doesn't get into everything we own. We have gone through teething, sickness, diarrhea, tears, and separation anxiety. He has been nursed with solids supplemented for the whole year. He has also spent the majority of his life co-sleeping, although in the last few weeks he has made GREAT success sleeping in his own crib, in his own room (thank GOODNESS). Jonas has also given us so much happiness, smiles, giggles, saying "mama", reaching his milestones, clapping, dancing, waving, and using his curiosity to simultaneously learn and make a mess. He never stops amazing us.

So as I ponder where all the time has gone, here are a few pictures from month twelve.

One last play date with Owen, Jonas's first friend. {Insert sad face}

What a stinker, figuring out how to open the baby gate when it's not locked.

Whiny baby.

His new thing is moving the high chair and chairs around in the dining room.

He LOVES loves watching all the trucks and the construction.

Jonas always grabs the duster and pretends to clean like mommy.

So we don't have a yard yet, but I wanted Jonas to play in a little pool at home so we were ghetto and did it on our back patio.

Opened a birthday present early from Aunt Lacie and family.

No more fear of grass!

Meeting Emmett. (more on the previous post)

Trying to climb onto the couch. He's always climbing.

We love this little guy so much, especially his little personality. 

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