Friday, June 12, 2015

Maybe I'm a Little Baby Hungry?

For those of you who didn't already know, Jonas had four cousins when he was born, all from JT's oldest sister, Lacie. But he has never had the chance to meet them because they live far, far away in Michigan. This summer the Dewey family is blessed to be welcoming two new little ones! Lacie adopted her fifth child (fourth boy) this last week and we were blessed to be able to meet him!

Emmett Pearson, born June 9, 2015

They adopted Emmett through family here in Idaho, so we were only 30 minutes away from the hospital! It was a great blessing to be able to meet our precious, new nephew within 24 hours of being born. It was also a great opportunity to finally meet Emmett's older sister, Cambrie! She is almost two and we finally got to meet her, and Jonas really liked following his cousin around.

Holding Emmett made me a little baby hungry. He was born the same size as Jonas was, which made me realize how big Jonas has gotten since it was just a week away from his birthday. He was so sweet to hold, sleeping the whole time, and so light. 

Since we were visiting them in the hospital JT brought his camera and got some great pictures of little Emmett!

We are also excited to get another niece this summer! Seeing all these babies does make me a little baby hungry. Not enough to actually act on it, just enough to buy things for the new little ones in my life.

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