Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pool Party

For Jonas's first birthday we had the advantage of throwing him a pool party, since the weather was nice at the start of summer in Idaho!

Rexburg has a small waterpark, which is perfect for kids summer birthday parties. Jonas also had the advantage of taking his first week of Mommy and Me swim class the week of his birthday, to get him ready for his pool party!

On Jonas's birthday day we did cake, but for his party we did cupcakes! Jonas hated his cake but loved his cupcakes! 

Cooper, Kylie, and Parker

Jonas loved the presents his friends gave him!

Noah, Jonas, Lydia, and Parker

Jonas loves stealing mom's water and drinking from the straw.

Grandma, Uncle Harrison, Natalya, and Noah

Jarom, Janeen, and Lydia

Aunt Paige and Aunt Brittany

Kylie and Parker

Noah giving Jonas hugs + kisses

We had a fun party! Jonas wasn't the biggest fan of the water, but we did get him to stand in the shallow end and splash around a little. Thanks for everyone that came to celebrate Jonas!

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