Monday, June 1, 2015

Some Vacation Time

Vacation time can be hard to come by once you graduate college and start real adult-life. Most of JT's vacation time in the past year has been used when Jonas was first born or over the regular holiday's. We haven't spent much time relaxing and spending time as a family, so when JT's mom told us she was visiting for a week in Utah, we decided to take a little vacation! His parents sold their house in Rexburg a year ago so they bought a new house in Daybreak, Utah (just south of SLC). We started the weekend in Utah, staying with JT's Uncle Lane and Aunt Denise north of SLC, spending Friday night through Tuesday in Utah, then drove up to Logan to see our friends the Peets on Wednesday, then back to Rexburg for the remainder of the week to spend together at home going on adventures and relaxing. It was a nice and much needed "vacation".

On Saturday we drove down to visit with Mike, Heather, and the boys! It was great to catch up and get some food at JT's favorite pizza place, SLAB pizza.

Later that day we walked around Liberty Park in SLC, my SIL Paige showed me the ferris wheel that they used in the movie Charly, which I love because it reminds me of my aunt C-A who passed away shortly before the movie was made. That weekend was also her birthday, so it was great to take a moment to remember her, she was like a big sister to me growing up.

Jonas continues to take selfies on my cell phone...

{church selfie}

Sunday dinner was fun, Jonas isn't a big fan of other adults but he loves other kids! JT's cousin Laura and her family joined us at her parents (Lane+Denise) house for dinner, Jonas just followed the kids around and tried to play with them.

{Sunday Best}

Monday we had a fun afternoon taking Jonas to Temple Square for the first time. It ended up being the highlight of my week when the asian tourists begged us to take pictures of Jonas.

{Jonas also hates grass, so he wouldn't put his foot down, haha. This is when he got some paparazzi.}

On our way back to Rexburg we stopped in Logan to see the Peet's! Jonas loved following Noah around and taking his toy's. Jonas also warmed up to Natalya fast, which is very unlike him.

We finished the week off with a small day trip to Mesa Falls with Brittany, it was great to enjoy Idaho's beautiful scenery, although we couldn't stay long because we were getting eaten alive by all the mosquitos. (more photos from Mesa Falls on another posting)

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