Saturday, August 29, 2015

Animal Love

Recently Jonas has gotten very interested in animals, it's so fun! He loves reading about them in his books, and giving us funny looks when we attempt to imitate the various animal noises. When we go on walks and he sees pets he points, sometimes tries to get us to walk closer to them, but not too close because that's scary. We were lucky to go to the zoo today, and I took too many pictures like I usually do. Admission to the Idaho Falls zoo was only a can of food or $1 for charity. 

It was hard to get a good picture, he just wanted to point to all the animals.

"Petting" the animals (more like JT forcing his hand).

It was a fun family outing! Downside, JT is more excited to get a dog because he's convinced Jonas would love it.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

First Plane Ride

Jonas finally took his first plane ride! He did so well. On the way to Washington we had daddy with us and we had a window seat (window seats are the key to flying with little ones). We got on the plane, he looked out the window and said hi to every single person around us, then slept through the whole time in the air. 

Our flight back to Idaho wasn't as great. We flew from Seattle to SLC, had a 3-hour layover which then delayed for an additional hour, but we finally arrived to Pocatello to be reunited with JT to drive back home to Rexburg (another hour drive). Since I woke up at 4am it was a long tiring day, which Jonas didn't nap on the plane well. But luckily he had fun amusing everyone at the SLC airport, he always finds ways to show his charm to strangers.

{Also, big boy is drinking whole milk in his sippy cups now!!}

Things I learned about traveling with little's: 
+ Bring extras of everything-clothes, diapers, snacks
+ Get a window seat, luckily I got one each flight
+ Baby wear, made getting through the airports alone so much easier
+ Bring a new toy or book, a curious baby will spend more time with a cool, new toy

Summer in the Northwest

DuPont, Washington. My true home. & the place where I truly belong. I was blessed to be able to spend three weeks with my family in Washington, Jonas got to enjoy getting to know my family, we did some great shopping, and did lots of fun activities!

Boy's first Mariner's game! We even got a certificate from customer services. My dad got tickets for the family the night before JT went back to Idaho. It was a lot of fun, mostly because Jonas really enjoyed himself. He ate my fries and other snacks I brought, and was amused by the music played and the people around us. We also had great seats, second row right off the foul line!

Cuddles with Grandma!

Seattle! We also spent the day in Seattle, going to the Seattle Aquarium, Ivar's on the Puget Sound, Pike's Place Market, and the Gum wall. By the time we got done Jonas was tired and HOT. 

{Jonas kept looking down when I snapped for a picture}

We also got to spend the weekend with my mom's biological family, who we just found a few months ago. It was such a great weekend, but more on that to come in a future post.

All of these adorable clothes were given to him by Grandma!

Jonas liked taking baths in Grandma and Grandpa's big bath!

Jonas LOVES music, dancing to it and making it, hence sitting and listening to Uncle Harrison play.

Spent some good time with Great-Grandma Walker!

Jonas really loved spending time with family!

We also spent the day at Point Defiance Zoo with the Gehrings, Jonas loved pointing at all the animals, especially the fish.

Jonas got his second haircut, and there were no tears. I think he really liked having Aimee do his hair and sitting on mommy's lap.

Jonas did so well with everyone. Also, for some reason he always warms up quickly with men, like my cousin Parker and Grandpa!

Seriously, he loved playing on the piano.

I am so thankful for the time we had to spend with family, but we are also so happy to be home with JT!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Family Reunion!

With the homecoming of my little brother, Jordan from his LDS mission in Louisiana, we were able to have our family together for the first time! Since Jordan left two years ago Jason and Brittany got married, and Jonas was conceived and born. My parents went a little early down south to enjoy their 25 year anniversary and pick Jordan up from his mission. The rest of us picked them up at the airport, unfortunately it was late on Sunday night, so Jonas was in his PJs and a little over-tired. Since then JT has gone back to Idaho to work and go on a high adventure with the scouts while I stay in Washington for 3 weeks! (And yes, that sign is still hanging on my parents house!)

Siblings - has Harrison passed me already?!

First kiss, haha

Waiting-we thought they were coming out one way but they didn't and Jordan ended up surprising us from behind.


Happy Momma/Grandma!