Thursday, August 6, 2015

Family Reunion!

With the homecoming of my little brother, Jordan from his LDS mission in Louisiana, we were able to have our family together for the first time! Since Jordan left two years ago Jason and Brittany got married, and Jonas was conceived and born. My parents went a little early down south to enjoy their 25 year anniversary and pick Jordan up from his mission. The rest of us picked them up at the airport, unfortunately it was late on Sunday night, so Jonas was in his PJs and a little over-tired. Since then JT has gone back to Idaho to work and go on a high adventure with the scouts while I stay in Washington for 3 weeks! (And yes, that sign is still hanging on my parents house!)

Siblings - has Harrison passed me already?!

First kiss, haha

Waiting-we thought they were coming out one way but they didn't and Jordan ended up surprising us from behind.


Happy Momma/Grandma!

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