Sunday, August 16, 2015

First Plane Ride

Jonas finally took his first plane ride! He did so well. On the way to Washington we had daddy with us and we had a window seat (window seats are the key to flying with little ones). We got on the plane, he looked out the window and said hi to every single person around us, then slept through the whole time in the air. 

Our flight back to Idaho wasn't as great. We flew from Seattle to SLC, had a 3-hour layover which then delayed for an additional hour, but we finally arrived to Pocatello to be reunited with JT to drive back home to Rexburg (another hour drive). Since I woke up at 4am it was a long tiring day, which Jonas didn't nap on the plane well. But luckily he had fun amusing everyone at the SLC airport, he always finds ways to show his charm to strangers.

{Also, big boy is drinking whole milk in his sippy cups now!!}

Things I learned about traveling with little's: 
+ Bring extras of everything-clothes, diapers, snacks
+ Get a window seat, luckily I got one each flight
+ Baby wear, made getting through the airports alone so much easier
+ Bring a new toy or book, a curious baby will spend more time with a cool, new toy

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