Sunday, September 20, 2015

Jonas: 15 Months

Jonas has grown up so much in the last three months, since our last "update". We had a great summer and made such great progress with his feeding and sleeping routines!

At 15 months Jonas is 22 pounds and 31 inches, he has 11 teeth and still has his deep blue eyes.

Jonas is a silly, stubborn, and loving boy. He still loves mom and dad the most, but warms up to others quickly. He even shares his sweet kisses with people he sees often, like grandparents and aunts. After lots of research and prayer we cold turkey weaned Jonas from Breastfeeding, he is now drinking whole milk from sippy cups! We have also been working on drinking out of cups without lids, right now with water but making great progress. Once we got back from our trip to Washington we got back to working on sleep training, which started back in February when we put his crib in our room. After stopping breastfeeding he stopped needing to eat through the night, which made sleep training possible. We all spent a few nights crying, but now Jonas sleeps in his own crib, in his own room! Sometimes he'll wake up once or twice, and sometimes wake up for the morning at 6am, but usually we will just give him his binky and lay him down, he cries for a minute then goes back to sleep. It was great to watch Jonas learn and figure out how to self soothe better, and in the morning he would start over, holding no anger towards me since I just cut him off from our bed--which I think is a benefit from creating trust and a secure attachment. The funniest part of the process was seeing Jonas sleeping sitting up during the first few nights of sleep training. Our next adventure is to get rid of the binky.

Jonas has his favorites:
+ Hugs and kisses - sometimes I think he's trying to make out with me he gives me so many kisses!
+ Dancing, music, clapping, hi fives, pointing, cuddles, waving
+ Books - especially animal and truck books
+ Toys - anything that makes noise-especially musical, and push/climbing toys
+ Outside time, he loves rides in his stroller
+ Climbing, he's a pro at getting up and down the couches and stairs
+ Playing with/watching other kids
+ Stuffed animal - his snow leopard Aunt Paige gave him for his birthday, he loves to cuddle with it in bed

First Plane Ride!

Second haircut, in Washington. No tears!

After the first night ever spending the whole night in his own bed.

In August we switched his car seat to front facing because he met a safe weight, he really likes it!

Sometimes he still gets obsessed with his tongue.

"Little Duck Commander"

Has to play with his two favorite toys at the same time.

Rarely, but sometimes, Jonas doesn't nap well then crashes during dinner.

Bottom right is Jonas' best selfie to date.

We put the piano on the ground because it got tiresome holding him up to play it constantly.

"Helping" mom cook dinner

Cheesy grin!

He loves babies, and I think he is telling me he wants a sibling. For now I hope he's good with playing with our neighbors baby, Grace.

And most recently, instead of paying for haircuts we bought clippers and did it ourselves. Jonas enjoyed it, which is good because his hair grows so fast!