Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fall Fun

Fall is such a beautiful time of year, and this year we were a little fall obsessed. The weather stayed nice for so long, giving us the chance to take Jonas to plenty of fun fall activities!

Our first festival was going to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point in Utah, which I shared pictures in my last blog post. This was by far the best place, and most expensive. They had a kids corn maze, corn pit, hay ride and other fun rides, lots of jumpers and jungle gyms, and other fun stuff for kids and adults. 

Next we went to the Tree House Nursery in Hibbard (just outside of Rexburg) for family night with some of our neighbors, it was lots of fun! They had a hay ride, pumpkin cannon, corn pit, and enchanted forest, it was like a mini Cornbelly's in Idaho.

Our third fall festival was a simple pumpkin patch in Rigby, run by a family of farmers. They had plenty of pumpkins, we bought three for under $4, and a kid sized straw maze.

A boy's first time carving a pumpkin, or more like "helping" dad with the pumpkin while mom tries and fails at getting good pictures. Although it was a success because Jonas loved helping clean the pumpkin!

Jonas has been learning how to scribble, so we had fun coloring a fun haunted house picture! 

We had a fun neighbor lunch and made this fun spider hat for the kids! Jonas likes to have it around but doesn't love to wear it, haha.

JT and Matt, dressed up as an inside joke from work on the Friday before Halloween. Basically everyone at the office is Mormon because we live in East Idaho, and for the last few months both Matt and JT have been trying to get more people to integrate GIT--I don't remember what JT told me about it because everything he tells me confuses me--so some co-workers joked they were trying to convert everyone. Hence, the "costume".

Finally, Halloween! We got to enjoy going to the "Hocus Pocus" event in Rexburg, Trick-or-Treating for Jonas around the block, and we enjoyed dinner and some movies with Britt and Jason! Which of course Jonas loved because Aunt Britt shared some extra candy with him!

Hobos. I didn't want to put any effort or money into costumes because I would rather put the money towards Christmas, so this is our no-cost costumes! It worked out since I got the shopping cart for Jonas as a toy a couple months ago for super cheap. (You can also see that we only ended up carving one pumpkin, oops!)

This is my mom fail. I have been really bad at checking the mail, which is only a 2-minute walk from my front door. After Jonas was in bed on Halloween my mom asked if we got her package, so I ran over and found these goodies! So Jonas gets an extra Halloween in November this year!

Lastly, a really scary picture of Jonas. In years past JT has taken cute pictures of us to photoshop and made them creepy. I had the idea that he use a picture we recently took of Jonas to make it a Halloween picture, and he made this....super creepy Joker picture. So no I didn't take the time to put make up on Jonas for this picture, I'm far too lazy. Happy Halloween!

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