Sunday, October 11, 2015

Shutt Wedding + Cornbelly's

This weekend we got to go down to Utah for a quick trip, my longest friend/cousin/sister had a small wedding in Salt Lake and we were blessed to be apart of it!

We have known Bekkah since we could talk. I do not remember life before the Rayborn's, they are family. Like the family friends you go on all your vacations with, family. Bekkah looked beautiful, and of course her make up and hair were perfect. It was also nice to finally meet Justin! They had a small ceremony outside in Salt Lake, and the weather was perfect since October thinks it's August this year, followed by a delicious lunch at the Joseph Smith Memorial building. We were so lucky to be able to be there for the wedding, and I am so excited to meet her little one!

Since we came down to Salt Lake for the wedding, we got to enjoy some time at City Creek (my favorite mall), and spent time with siblings that live in Utah, Paige and Jordan. Unfortunately we weren't visiting for very long, so we didn't see a lot of our family and friends. Sorry!

First train ride! On the Utah Trax so we didn't have to drive through traffic.

Beautiful view of the SLC temple during lunch.

Jonas had fun cheering on Uncle Jordan at his Ultimate Frisbee game. Lately Jonas always runs around with his arms behind him, and here he was also "yelling" to cheer Jordan on with the rest of us.

It was nice to visit Provo to see Jordan! And eat at JT's favorite pizza place, Slab.

On Saturday we went to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point with Aunt Paige, Jonas had so much fun! They had so many kid friendly fall activities, we definitely want to go back next year when Jonas is older!

He loved the big legos!

Our last stop on the way back to Idaho was to visit Logan, since we didn't have much time we just stopped to see the Udalls. We hadn't seen them since Jonas was three weeks old! It was fun to catch up, and we are excited to meet their little girl in a few months! (I swear everyone we know is pregnant!)

Heading back home we stopped at this monument, for Jefferson Hunt, whom JT was named after,  Hunt was a general in the Mormon Battalion.

It was a fun, quick trip! We look forward to visiting again soon, hopefully we can see more people next time too!

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