Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Baby Blessing + Thanksgiving

We have been blessed with some great Dewey family time this November, we got to see all but Lacie's family (but we did see half of her family in June). Heath and Lyndsay brought Scarlett (three months) to Idaho to be blessed, so we got some time with them and JT's parents (visiting from Jamaica), and his sister Paige. Then we drove down to their house in Daybreak, Utah to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was a great month to spend with family and reflect on all our blessings in life.

I was so excited to meet Scarlett! I got lots of time to cuddle her.


Jonas LOVED playing with Grandpa Dewey!

Scarlett's Blessing Day! We are so lucky we live within an hour to Lyndsay's family, we always get extra family time!

Dewey family, missing Lacie's family.

Jonas loves giving kisses and hugs, so of course he shared plenty of kisses with his baby cousin!

Thanksgiving day! This year we have so much to be grateful for, but most of all I am grateful for my faith, my hardworking and loving husband, my beautiful and silly son, my home, and with all that's going on in the world, the freedom I have had everyday of my life as a US citizen. 

Turkey coma.

After Thanksgiving dinner we drove up to Syracuse to spend some time with my mother-in-laws family, Jonas loved spending some time with cousins!

Jonas couldn't stop laughing while playing ping-pong with dad.

I didn't catch a great picture, but Jonas really loved all the time he got with Nana and Papa!

Ivy saw me get my phone out and wanted to take a selfie, haha such a cutie!

The neighbors had this bike outside and Jonas had no shame, he tried playing on it every time we went outside.

Christmas Lights at Temple Square! 

We also enjoyed some good shopping in Utah, we have to enjoy it while we can coming from Idaho. I also got to enjoy some Peppermint Hot Chocolate from Starbucks, a favorite holiday tradition. 

I hope all our family and friends enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday, getting the opportunity to reflect on all we are blessed with in our lives!

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