Monday, December 28, 2015


Christmas is a special time, you get to spend extra time with family and remember Christ's birth. Our little family also has a special meaning in this season, celebrating our fourth anniversary on the twenty-second. This year was great because it was our first Christmas in our home, surrounded by snow, and the Walker family was able to travel to our home to celebrate!

Walker Siblings

Jordan came up to Idaho from Utah a few days before the rest of the family, Jonas loved the extra time with uncle! It was also nice because Jordan was able to babysit so JT and I could celebrate our anniversary by going to the Rexburg Temple and see a movie together, the first time since Jonas was born.

Christmas with nine people means a full tree, especially when your tree is small!

Christmas morning, traditional picture on the stairs.

Instead of putting a traditional fire on the TV, JT found a YouTube video of Darth Vader slowly burning, so obviously we had to use it instead.

Jonas had so much fun playing with all his new toys! Happy boy!

It was really hard to get a good family picture, especially around our smaller tree. Also, I realized later that I should have taken the picture down from behind the tree.

We had planned on going sledding and building a snowman, but it got colder than freezing! When it got to about 10 degrees outside we went out for a short time to play in the snow, and Jonas loved every second of it, crazy boy.

(He doesn't like to keep his mittens on!)

We hope all our friends and family enjoyed their Christmas! We loved having all the family time and the opportunity to ponder over how we can do better at remembering Christ in our daily lives.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

Snow. Holiday Goodies. Christmas Lights. Yay! It's Christmas season in the Dewey home!

In preparation of Christmas we have been able to do a couple community events, although we did miss a few due to sickness. Jonas does not like Santa or the Grinch, which I find hilarious. He does love animals, which means he loved meeting animals for a live Nativity. We also love to drive around looking at Christmas lights, even though I'm cheap and turn ours on for maybe an hour a day.

We wrote a letter to Santa on campus at BYU-Idaho after meeting Santa, and we actually got a letter back! Even though Jonas didn't realize how fun it was, I was pretty excited for him.

We have collected quite the Christmas book collection this year!

(so excited, and didn't get scared because the mule didn't move)

Christmas lights + snow

This year I had the chance to throw a Cookie Exchange party with the girls on my street, I got lots of great treats and some fun girl time. Definitely an annual event.

We are definitely feeling the Christmas spirit this year!

Jonas: 18 Months

Eighteen months. Jonas is such a big boy!

Since my last update three months ago Jonas has grown and developed so much, he's officially a toddler now! Jonas loves...
+ Being Silly, especially with daddy
+ Favorites, animals, trucks and trains
+ Picky Eater, "cookies" (chocolate graham crackers), cheese, snacks (goldfish or little cereal pieces), oatmeal, fruit (grapes and apples), steamed corn and carrots, peanut butter, and raisins
+ Loves books and puzzles (using his fine motor skills more, like coloring) 
+ TV, animal shows and Jake and the Neverland Pirates, which was very helpful during teething and mom's recent week with the flu and stomach bug
+ Mommy's boy
+ Nursery, he spent this last Sunday without mom for all two hours (success!)
+Words, not a big talker yet but he loves to makes noises
+Teeth, 16-he recently added 4 but they are still small
+ Pacifier, my one goal we didn't achieve by 18 months, we temporarily gave up on getting rid of it
+ Sleep, unless teething sleeps for twelve hours straight plus a small nap everyday

Big boy loves to feed himself, also he no longer uses a bib and has transitioned to a booster seat.

Always loves to help with chores, especially the vacuum.

Fun at the gym for toddler time!


Jonas either colors on his high chair or stands on a chair at the table, we are still working on not jumping off chairs.

Meeting cousin Scarlett!



Forever and always a cuddler.

First snow!


Instead of getting on dad's back, Jonas made dad get on his back.

Fort time

Nursery success! Hurray Aunt Britt and Uncle Jason are his teachers!


This boy is so much fun to play with, I'm so lucky I get to spend all my time with him!