Monday, December 28, 2015


Christmas is a special time, you get to spend extra time with family and remember Christ's birth. Our little family also has a special meaning in this season, celebrating our fourth anniversary on the twenty-second. This year was great because it was our first Christmas in our home, surrounded by snow, and the Walker family was able to travel to our home to celebrate!

Walker Siblings

Jordan came up to Idaho from Utah a few days before the rest of the family, Jonas loved the extra time with uncle! It was also nice because Jordan was able to babysit so JT and I could celebrate our anniversary by going to the Rexburg Temple and see a movie together, the first time since Jonas was born.

Christmas with nine people means a full tree, especially when your tree is small!

Christmas morning, traditional picture on the stairs.

Instead of putting a traditional fire on the TV, JT found a YouTube video of Darth Vader slowly burning, so obviously we had to use it instead.

Jonas had so much fun playing with all his new toys! Happy boy!

It was really hard to get a good family picture, especially around our smaller tree. Also, I realized later that I should have taken the picture down from behind the tree.

We had planned on going sledding and building a snowman, but it got colder than freezing! When it got to about 10 degrees outside we went out for a short time to play in the snow, and Jonas loved every second of it, crazy boy.

(He doesn't like to keep his mittens on!)

We hope all our friends and family enjoyed their Christmas! We loved having all the family time and the opportunity to ponder over how we can do better at remembering Christ in our daily lives.

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