Thursday, December 17, 2015

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

Snow. Holiday Goodies. Christmas Lights. Yay! It's Christmas season in the Dewey home!

In preparation of Christmas we have been able to do a couple community events, although we did miss a few due to sickness. Jonas does not like Santa or the Grinch, which I find hilarious. He does love animals, which means he loved meeting animals for a live Nativity. We also love to drive around looking at Christmas lights, even though I'm cheap and turn ours on for maybe an hour a day.

We wrote a letter to Santa on campus at BYU-Idaho after meeting Santa, and we actually got a letter back! Even though Jonas didn't realize how fun it was, I was pretty excited for him.

We have collected quite the Christmas book collection this year!

(so excited, and didn't get scared because the mule didn't move)

Christmas lights + snow

This year I had the chance to throw a Cookie Exchange party with the girls on my street, I got lots of great treats and some fun girl time. Definitely an annual event.

We are definitely feeling the Christmas spirit this year!

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