Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jonas: 18 Months

Eighteen months. Jonas is such a big boy!

Since my last update three months ago Jonas has grown and developed so much, he's officially a toddler now! Jonas loves...
+ Being Silly, especially with daddy
+ Favorites, animals, trucks and trains
+ Picky Eater, "cookies" (chocolate graham crackers), cheese, snacks (goldfish or little cereal pieces), oatmeal, fruit (grapes and apples), steamed corn and carrots, peanut butter, and raisins
+ Loves books and puzzles (using his fine motor skills more, like coloring) 
+ TV, animal shows and Jake and the Neverland Pirates, which was very helpful during teething and mom's recent week with the flu and stomach bug
+ Mommy's boy
+ Nursery, he spent this last Sunday without mom for all two hours (success!)
+Words, not a big talker yet but he loves to makes noises
+Teeth, 16-he recently added 4 but they are still small
+ Pacifier, my one goal we didn't achieve by 18 months, we temporarily gave up on getting rid of it
+ Sleep, unless teething sleeps for twelve hours straight plus a small nap everyday

Big boy loves to feed himself, also he no longer uses a bib and has transitioned to a booster seat.

Always loves to help with chores, especially the vacuum.

Fun at the gym for toddler time!


Jonas either colors on his high chair or stands on a chair at the table, we are still working on not jumping off chairs.

Meeting cousin Scarlett!



Forever and always a cuddler.

First snow!


Instead of getting on dad's back, Jonas made dad get on his back.

Fort time

Nursery success! Hurray Aunt Britt and Uncle Jason are his teachers!


This boy is so much fun to play with, I'm so lucky I get to spend all my time with him!

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