Monday, January 25, 2016


Once Winter hit, it really hit! I'm pretty sure the first day of Winter it was about 1 degree outside. Luckily the temperature has gotten closer to the mid 20's, so we try to spend a little bit of time outside everyday. Although most days that just means taking a short walk to check the mail.

Putting the snow back on the clean sidewalk

We had the opportunity to spend a Saturday sledding, so much fun! Especially since the snow was coming down so beautifully while we were sledding.

 (Oops, my phone fell in the snow for the last couple pictures)

We were getting bored during the day staying inside, so we went outside to play in the snow. I ended up with the idea to make a little snow cave/hole. Jonas got cold by the time I was done with it (we left the snow clothes in the car after sledding) so we had to go back the next day to enjoy it.

We were lucky to have Aunt Paige visit us last week, Jonas had so much fun building a snow man, cleaning the drive-way, and sledding with her. He also loved showing her all his toys, and taking her phone to watch videos, haha.

We have really enjoyed the snow this year! Although, after about two months of it I am ready for winter to be over. Or at least the snow and freezing weather part of winter. I'm scared the snow is never going to melt!

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