Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day! We had fun taking a few pictures a couple weeks ago, and had fun this Valentine's weekend.

Jonas LOVED decorating and eating cupcakes at a friends Valentine's party. He's also had way too much sugar this week.

Every morning Jonas and I share a smoothie, it's the sweetest thing. We decided to have smoothies before bedtime on Valentine's day, and of course it was the one time he didn't want to share.

My Valentine's brought me breakfast in bed, yummy!

We mostly celebrated Valentine's day on Saturday since it fell on Sunday this year. So, on Saturday JT went out for a little bit in the morning with Jonas and brought back these beautiful roses. He got me five roses because exactly five years ago he asked me to be his Valentine, and it didn't go exactly as planned which makes it such a great memory (read about it here: He also got me a dozen chocolate covered strawberries, and I got him some treats too but he definitely wins. 

We also went a few dollars over budget on Jonas' gift because I really wanted to get him a cute toddler backpack, and he really wanted the $5 stuffed dog. He also loved getting his gifts from Aunt Paige, and Grandma and Grandpa Walker! 

We hope everyone had a great day with their loved ones!

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