Monday, February 29, 2016

Jonas: 20 Months

It has been awhile since I shared a million pictures of Jonas, so here's a Jonas update. I know it's a bit ridiculous to say Jonas is twenty months old, but he grows and develops so much every month. 

Jonas has become quite the personality. Just like all toddlers, he has become so complex. If I could pick a few words to describe him, I would say he is silly, sensitive, loving, and sweet. And sometimes a little crazy. 

Jonas loves giving kisses and hugs. He waves to almost everyone we meet. He loves to say "yes" and when he's really excited, "yes yes YAY"! He loves books and cuddling with his favorite friends (stuffed animals). He loves all things balls and cars/trains. His favorite show is Curious George, most likely because he relates so well with Curious George. He's a picky eater but has been eating more recently. Jonas has started sleeping in a toddler bed in the last month, (his crib transformed into a toddler bed). And he has started to get ready for potty training, hopefully we can work more intensely on it in April when he's a little older!

It melts my heart when he insists on cuddles or holding hands.

He LOVES to find hiding spots.

He's obsessed with this adorable orange Gap sweater my mom got him for Christmas, and finding unique things to hold his snacks.

Possible future programmer like his father?

His favorite spot in our house. Sometimes you let your toddler play in the window behind the couch, because you can't win every battle. 

We love seeing friends and having play dates!

My silly boy! He loves to bring his friends on fun adventures, like riding on dad's computer chair. 

We love Jonas so much, and are so excited to continue to watch him grow and learn. 

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