Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter & A Girls Getaway

Celebrating Easter this year was a little unique, the Dewey girls had a getaway in Orlando, Florida. We met up to have some much needed girl time and enjoy Universal Studios, mostly Harry Potter land. I decided to go without Jonas, since he could have gone for free with me. I missed JT and Jonas so much for the week I was gone, but it was nice to have some time to myself.

Paige and I were the first to arrive to Orlando, from SLC, after taking our red eye flight, which we got basically no sleep because there were crying kids (one of the only reasons I was happy I didn't bring Jonas). So before we could check into our room we laid by the pool fully clothed, and got funny looks because of it.

We were able to visit Universal Studios for three days! It was nice to have so much time, we were able to enjoy ourselves and avoid the park during the Thunderstorms (mostly).

I had fun hanging with my niece Scarlett when I took my turn to watch her!

After the rain, it really poured!

Blurry, but we had fun enjoying the fire pit at our hotel and eating s'mores.

We enjoyed some time by the pool on my last day in Florida, Easter Sunday. It was so nice to relax and lay by the pool.

I love celebrating Easter. Christ is at the center of my faith, and Easter gives us the time to reflect on the sacrifice he made for all children of God, to give us the Atonement. Although my celebrating was unconventional on a girls trip in Florida, with technology I had the opportunity to watch videos on Christ and feel the Spirit while sitting in an airport. We also celebrated Easter as a family in the days before I left for the trip. I loved getting pictures from JT and my mom of Jonas, and talking on the phone everyday to say "hi"!

Enjoying his Easter candy, very serious business.

Jonas got to do a fun Easter egg hunt with our neighborhood at the Elementary school next to our subdivision, and a little hunt with a our neighbors the day before I left.

Easter basket! Less focus on candy and more on fun things like bubbles and books. Also, this last picture is just a cute picture of Jonas at Target when we went to get everything ready for Easter.

I hope all my friends and family were able to celebrate Easter and remember Him!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

JT's Twenty-Seventh

This week my husband turned twenty-seven. I can't believe he was only twenty-one when we first met. Despite having to work on his birthday, JT was able to have a great day. He got to eat out at his favorite place in Idaho Falls (Mings) with some friends from work for lunch, then after work he opened gifts, and we finally tried the new Sushi restaurant in Rexburg for dinner, JT liked it! And his sister, Paige, surprised him with a visit Saturday night through Wednesday, is was a good day!

Birthday Breakfast!

For part of a gift for JT, Paige and I spent a good part of the morning cleaning our yard-up by pulling weeds. We will be getting the yard ready the next couple months for the sprinklers and grass so we have to clean-up the great amount of weeds that have collected from last summer. While we were getting ready to go outside Jonas decided this was a good outfit...haha he insisted on wearing the bowtie.

Paige and I tried a new "Tuxedo" cake. First layer was brownies, second yellow cake, and frosting. It turned out really good, despite my horrid photography skills.

JT's big gift, the new Fitbit tech watch. He loves it!