Saturday, April 23, 2016

Baby #2: First Trimester

We are so excited to say that I am pregnant with baby Dewey #2! Due date October 2, 2016.

Deciding to add another child to our family was a big decision. I had a hard time after Jonas was born, adjusting to motherhood and figuring everything out. For awhile we thought it might be a couple years before we could consider the thought of another child. Then Jonas turned one, and we gained a new nephew and niece. Seeing these beautiful babies, and other babies from friends, reminded me of the true miracle that is a newborn baby. Along with prayer my heart softened, and I was able to overcome the difficulties with Jonas. For the months following JT and I discussed, prayed, and fasted about this decision. By November 2015 we were serious about having another baby, then over Thanksgiving we had a pregnancy "scare" right before we were going to start trying. Thinking I was pregnant, and realizing I wasn't was emotional but also enlightening. We were so excited, and because of this we knew we were ready for another baby. We are so blessed that I was able to get pregnant so quickly, the timing is right and we are so excited for this little one!

Four Weeks:

We found out I was pregnant when I was exactly four weeks pregnant. Most people don't find out this early but since I had really gotten comfortable with my body, I didn't really use birth control at all after I had Jonas (I kept a calendar to be safe), so my schedule was pretty set every month (except November). The week leading up to that Sunday night (January 25, 2016) I kept feeling symptoms. These symptoms were confusing, they could be like PMS except I don't usually experience these, the only time I have experienced frequent urination, tender breasts, hot flashes, food aversions, heightened sense of smell, and intense fatigue, was the last time I was pregnant. But when I was pregnant with Jonas it was another few weeks before I felt any kind of symptoms. So, I decided to wait until Sunday as to avoid jumping the gun. 

Right after bedtime I took the pregnancy test and I couldn't even wait the whole two minutes, because after a few seconds I could see both lines growing visible. I hadn't even washed my hands yet. We were shocked and amazed. The next morning after Jonas woke up I told him the exciting news, although he doesn't really understand what it means when I say "Mommy is pregnant with a baby in her belly!" I said it so excitedly that he was excited too. 

Eight Weeks:

At eight weeks we were able to get our first ultrasound. The tech was able to find our little raspberry quickly, with a strong heartbeat! It is always reassuring to see that the little baby developing inside of your womb is doing well and is thriving a few days ahead of schedule. Although I was mostly anxious about all the questions I had for my doctor, since I had to have an emergency c-section with Jonas, I had a lot of questions about VBACs and the chance my uterus would tear. I took a long time asking questions, but I have great doctors and he didn't mind answering them (two doctors at the clinic, and I love both of them). I'm lucky to have found great doctors who listen to my concerns and communicate well with me, and who have also received special training for high-risk pregnancies. I have no doubt they will do their best to keep myself and this baby safe and healthy through my pregnancy and labor. 

I should also note that at this point I continued to feel the same symptoms I started to around three weeks, with the addition of occasional mild nausea, mostly induced by strong smells. But never any morning sickness! I also felt like I was starting to get a baby bump, with Jonas I didn't start getting one at all until seventeen weeks, I know it can start earlier after you've a baby previously. JT thought I was crazy.

Ten Weeks:

At ten weeks my bump looked a little more like a bump, but also like I had just gained a few pounds, which is true. At this point the baby is the size of a date. I know it's cheesy to compare your growing baby to fruit, but I thought it would be fun to involve Jonas in bump pictures with comparing the baby to fruit sizes! At this point I was still feeling great, my only symptoms are exhaustion, headaches, tender breasts, acne, and frequent urination, like seriously this baby must be sitting right on my bladder!

I am so blessed that I had a great first trimester!

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