Sunday, May 8, 2016

Reflecting on Motherhood

Motherhood is beautiful and complex. It brings so much light and love into life. It is stressful and exhausting. Motherhood is such a great blessing, and lately I have been thinking about all those who have been an example and influence of motherhood in my life.

{My first moment with Jonas, after my emergency c-section he spent some time with dad in the NICU}
Lately I have been reflecting a lot on motherhood, and what it means to be a mom. I have been studying the Gospels in the New Testament as a part of my daily personal scripture study, and with my study it reminded me of how many strong and faithful women we read about in the scriptures. Thinking about these women helps me reflect on the great examples surrounding me everyday.

When I think about the scriptures and strong mothers, I first think of Eve. Eve is the mother of all man because she was the first mother. I think of Mary, who as a virgin was told by an angel that she was pregnant with Jesus Christ, who would become our Savior. Mary went through so much just to bring Jesus safely to this world. I think of the mother's of the two thousand stripling warriors (found in the Book of Mormon), who because of their faith taught their sons to have spiritual strength and trust in the Lord in hard times. I think of Lucy Mack Smith because of her faith and diligent study of the scriptures, Joseph went to pray and found the answer he needed, which led to the Restoration of the Gospel. There are so many great women and mothers in the scriptures, I could make a whole list of how many of them inspire me.

As I think about the great mother's who have influenced me, I first think of my Grandma Walker and my own mom. My Grandma is such a great example of faith and service to the Gospel and to her family. My Grandma had eight kids, and the first two were twins while they were young and in school. She has always impressed me with her ability to push through the hardships she has encountered in her life, and come out stronger. My mom is also a great example, she has always sacrificed everything she has for her children. I am the oldest of four kids, and I was born ten months after my parents got married, meaning my mom has dedicated her entire adult life and married life to her children. There is never a time my mom won't drop everything to serve us, whether that be a phone call or visiting me for weeks when my kids are born.

I also have other great influences of mothers in my life, from Grandparents, Aunts, and other close friends growing up. But also today, as many of my friends have started to become mother's I have been inspired by the resilience and love they have for their children. My mother-in-law who raised my husband to be faithful, loving, and a devoted partner. I have also been inspired by those that might not carry the name of "mom", but they have supported me as I have become a mom. My sister Brittany is such a great support and Aunt to Jonas, he has grown such a special bond with her since she is our official babysitter. Jonas also has other great Aunts who he might not see very often, but have so much love for him. I also have a great supporter in my husband, who is always there to lift me when I am struggling.

So today on Mother's day I feel so much gratitude for all the women who have inspired me as a mother, to be faithful, compassionate, loving, patient, and to serve others. Motherhood is a great calling, and I am so thankful to be a mom to a cute little boy, and soon his little sister, through the hard times and the good times.

{19 weeks - size of a heirloom tomato - Jonas was NOT feeling the bump pictures today, haha}

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