Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lately: First Six Months of 2016

2016 has been surprisingly busy, on top of our normal family life we have also stayed busy with our church callings, raising a toddler, yard work, small trips and vacations, and my second pregnancy. I have blogged about a few of these events, but here is a photo dump of life with the Deweys in the first half of 2016.

Home Improvement - Yard

The one downfall of buying a brand new home, it doesn't have a yard. We decided to wait because of other expenses when we moved in (buying appliances and furniture), so this Spring we got to work on our yard. It took a lot of continuous work keeping the garden of constant weeds under control. We originally planned on having JT do the sprinklers himself, to save a lot of money, but we had to keep putting it off because of work and church commitments, so we ended up paying a landscaping company to do the sprinklers and sod. We are so happy to finally have a yard! Our next step is to add some concrete and landscape the flowerbeds.

Mommy & Me Swim Lessons - Year Two

Swim Lessons didn't go as great as anticipated this year, Jonas loves playing in the bath or even shallow water but he gets really anxious about practicing anything in deep water while I'm holding him. By the last couple days he got more comfortable and loved doing a few of our swim practices,  so I guess I'll have to keep practicing this summer! 

Jonas wasn't the biggest fan of the lessons, but he loved that his friend Payson took the class with us. If we weren't by Payson in the pool he would make me bring him closer, haha.


Toddlers are complex, so here are a few funny things Jonas does from the first six months of 2016:

{Getting dressed, always a helper}

{Hiding under the slide at the park, we got rained out!}

{Tool obsessed}

{Cleaning OBSESSED, such a "helper"}

{Park lover, especially swings and slides}

{Slow attempts to start potty training}

{Jonas will be such a great big brother, he loves taking care of his stuffed animals, tucking them in, changing diapers, dressing, etc.}

{Usually the toddler rail works GREAT, but rarely we will find this in the morning}

 {Jonas loves drawing, this includes drawing on himself, walls, and furniture}

{Carousel OBSESSED; doesn't matter how many times we go, every time we leave with a crying toddler and bribing him with candy}

{Always a cuddler. Doesn't matter that I am nearing the end of my second trimester, Jonas loves to cuddle with me and "friend"}

2016 has been a great year so far, and we are excited for the next six months because we are under 100 days until our due date for baby girl!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Jonas is Two: Party

We had fun throwing Jonas his second birthday party at the park! Although it felt like the party was set to fail, being forced to move things around because that Saturday was the same day Rexburg held a big air show, right next to the park, most of the day. We moved the party to later in the afternoon and fought the wind the entire time, but it was still a success! A good amount of friends and family were able to celebrate with us, and Jonas loved the activities I planned, so we decided it was a win.

Planning a party for toddlers, especially for a two year-old, can be hard because only so many activities really work. I researched on pinterest and found some fun activities, and luckily they didn't get ruined by the crazy Rexburg wind. Being at the park gave us an advantage because the pavilion we used was located right next to the play ground. This first activity I planned was a DIY Candy Necklace table which was fun simply because the kids could enjoy lots of little snacks on the run. Not pictured was a fun Nature Scavenger Hunt the kids participated in, they enjoyed it more than I anticipated!

A good amount of Jonas's friends were able to join the party, I was so flustered from planning and dealing with the wind I was horrible at taking pictures (I didn't get any, I stole these from my sister and husband). So in some of the pictures you can randomly see Jonas with friends, maybe next year I'll get a better friend picture!

Food table: fruits, cupcakes, homemade O'Henry's, chips, and drinks.

 I also found this fun party favor idea on pinterest, the girl who made them shared her notes to go with the bubbles for free so it was an easy and inexpensive gift to share with our friends!

Jonas got some great gifts from his friends! He has already loved playing with the bubbles, cars, and coloring supplies.

I'm so grateful that Jonas has so many people in his life who love and care about him, and I'm happy we could share his birthday with everyone! I'm also grateful we were able to spend the weekend as a family, with my parents because it also happened to be Father's day weekend. These men are such great examples to our little growing boy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jonas is Two: Birthday

Jonas is TWO!
Measuring at about 29 lbs. and 35.5 in.

Time has flown by with this cutie. Our boy is two and we have loved watching him grow. At the young age of two we have watched Jonas grow into such a complex human; it's so amazing how much he has learned and developed in two short years. 

Jonas is a sweet, sensitive, and silly boy.
Jonas is still a momma's boy, but when he wants good entertainment he goes straight to daddy. He's also grown quite attached to his Aunt Britt.
Jonas is a champ sleeper. We feel so blessed after struggling with him for so long that he sleeps so well. Most nights he gets about 12 hours of sleep in his bed, which we changed his crib into a toddler bed about five months ago. He also naps in the afternoon for about 2-2.5 hours, this pregnant mom couldn't be happier! 
We successfully got Jonas OFF his binky, which he was overly attached to for so long. The last day he saw his binky was March 1st, and it was actually pretty painless to stop using.
Jonas is still behind in his language development, but he has been learning new words. He loves to tell me when he needs his shoes then tells me "bye" and tries to escape. Otherwise he is ahead in development, always trying to keep up with the neighborhood kids!

His favorites:
Shows: Curious George; sometimes Little Einsteins, Daniel the Tiger or Clifford
Movies: Curious George movies and Minions; sometimes other fun animal movies like Land Before Time, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, and Zootopia
Stuffed animals: "Friend" the Snow Leopard Aunt Paige gave Jonas for his first birthday; he keeps a total of six favorites in his bed: "Friend", a puppy, Dumbo, Curious George (see an obsession?), Easter bunny, and Kaloo bear
Books: no particular favorite, but he loves animal and Dr. Suess books
Activities: Tickling, getting chased around the house, pretend time, "cooking", crafts (coloring and play-doh), and telling us what to do-he can be bossy sometimes!
Toys: Tools, coloring (sometimes on my walls and furniture), balls, bikes/ride-along toys, making random objects into guns or swords

Jonas is such a fun boy, and we had a lot of fun celebrating his birthday with family!

Jonas woke up to find my family was visiting! He was a little shy at first, but quickly warmed up. We had such a great birthday weekend, especially since JT was also able to take a three-day weekend. We started his birthday with Curious George, a crepe breakfast, presents, playing with presents, lunch, Farmers Market and cake. On Saturday he got to hang out even more with family then enjoy his fun party at the park. I was not good at all at getting pictures, so here are a few I stole from others.

This boy was SO excited for all his toys, but I think the tricycle put him over the edge.  This was also the first time he was actually opening his gifts on his own, it took awhile but it was lots of fun to watch!

Gifts from Mom & Dad, Grandparents, and the Pearson's (JT's older sister), he opened the rest of his awesome gifts at his party.

My mom made Jonas this amazing Curious George quilt. Jonas is in love. The back has a panel of George, he loves to say hi and cuddle with him.

Lunch at Wingers, obvious choice because Jonas loves eating the free popcorn.

Since family was visiting for the weekend we also squeezed in some fun activities, JT took the boys shooting and the girls went shopping. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Utah Trip: Paige's Graduation

My awesome sister-in-law Paige graduated from Roseman University with her Bachelor's degree in Nursing! Since her program was in the SLC area, graduation was at BYU so we took the opportunity to celebrate her accomplishment together. It was a fun weekend together!

(My black shirt did a god job making my bump look awkward, I was at the end of 22 weeks)

(We got Jonas all dressed up and he wouldn't cooperate for pictures, which wasn't too surprising because that's basically how he is these days.)

We also spent the day celebrating by enjoying Seven Peaks Waterpark in the HOT weather. Jonas was timid at first, but he warmed up to the water and loved the wave pool, kiddy area with the slide, and swimming in the lazy river.

We also squeezed in some time to see some friends who recently had some adorable babies, Sloane Bragg + Ezra Peet. And we made time to look around IKEA to plan Jonas's big boy room, and stop at IHOP and some fast food when Jonas gave us these super cute pictures enjoying his whipping cream and ice cream. 

It was a great weekend to celebrate Paige's accomplishment and spend some great quality time as a family!