Monday, June 27, 2016

Jonas is Two: Party

We had fun throwing Jonas his second birthday party at the park! Although it felt like the party was set to fail, being forced to move things around because that Saturday was the same day Rexburg held a big air show, right next to the park, most of the day. We moved the party to later in the afternoon and fought the wind the entire time, but it was still a success! A good amount of friends and family were able to celebrate with us, and Jonas loved the activities I planned, so we decided it was a win.

Planning a party for toddlers, especially for a two year-old, can be hard because only so many activities really work. I researched on pinterest and found some fun activities, and luckily they didn't get ruined by the crazy Rexburg wind. Being at the park gave us an advantage because the pavilion we used was located right next to the play ground. This first activity I planned was a DIY Candy Necklace table which was fun simply because the kids could enjoy lots of little snacks on the run. Not pictured was a fun Nature Scavenger Hunt the kids participated in, they enjoyed it more than I anticipated!

A good amount of Jonas's friends were able to join the party, I was so flustered from planning and dealing with the wind I was horrible at taking pictures (I didn't get any, I stole these from my sister and husband). So in some of the pictures you can randomly see Jonas with friends, maybe next year I'll get a better friend picture!

Food table: fruits, cupcakes, homemade O'Henry's, chips, and drinks.

 I also found this fun party favor idea on pinterest, the girl who made them shared her notes to go with the bubbles for free so it was an easy and inexpensive gift to share with our friends!

Jonas got some great gifts from his friends! He has already loved playing with the bubbles, cars, and coloring supplies.

I'm so grateful that Jonas has so many people in his life who love and care about him, and I'm happy we could share his birthday with everyone! I'm also grateful we were able to spend the weekend as a family, with my parents because it also happened to be Father's day weekend. These men are such great examples to our little growing boy.

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