Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Baby #2: Second Trimester

A review of my second trimester and my bump pictures, I wasn't as good as I planned at taking weekly bump pictures but it is still fun to see how my bump has progressed this trimester!

14 Weeks:

Getting to 14 weeks is exciting, it is the point when the first trimester is done and enter the second trimester. Although I don't get morning sickness (seriously so blessed) it is a relief to get past the first trimester, with the risk of miscarriage. 

16 Weeks:

At 16 weeks we were able to get the ultrasound that showed us our baby GIRL! It was a fun week and I was in shock for days over the news.

19 Weeks:

At 19 weeks it was Mother's Day, of course Jonas was not cooperating with pictures so we didn't end up getting a good bump picture. (More on my previous post about Mother's Day)

20 Weeks:

Hitting the half-way mark is so exciting! We celebrated by having the 20-week ultrasound, we saw that baby girl is doing great and ahead in development and growth just like her brother. By this point I have also gathered quite the collection of bows, but it's okay because they're on sale.

24 Weeks:

At this point I have gone far past the standard nesting instinct, our whole house is clean and organized (with labels from my new label maker as evidence). And this is my pregnancy cycle: emotional, tired, back aches, emotional, hungry. Baby girl has also become quite the mover, since I've gone through this before I'm a lot more aware of her movements and it's fun to realize when she's moving around and the placement of her kicks. 

27 Weeks:

Hitting 27 weeks means I have arrived at the end of my second trimester, this pregnancy has gone by so fast! I literally can't believe it is July, I feel like I'm gonna blink and it'll be my due date. I feel like I haven't done much to prepare for baby girls arrival, besides clean the house and buy bows, so I guess that'll be my focus this trimester. Of course this will be a little harder because in order to achieve anything I first need to get over my discomforts and exhaustion.
(I find the above picture comical because the classic Rexburg wind made it hard to get good pictures)

Although I feel anxious, I am happy to be entering the last part of my pregnancy healthy!

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