Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Independence Day 2016

We felt so blessed this year to be able to celebrate the fourth of July as a family, with a four day weekend because JT got the fourth and fifth of July off from work! We took full advantage of this extra time to spend quality time together, and check a few items off our list of things to do around the house.

Friday night JT planned a great date night, I'm so thankful I have such a loving and thoughtful husband! He arranged for my sister to babysit Jonas so we could see a movie, then we enjoyed walking around and getting a treat, while enjoying a little street concert close to campus in Rexburg. It was some much needed couple time out!

Saturday mostly involved JT doing yard work while Jonas and I watched and played outside. It is HOT in Idaho right now. Jonas loves playing with his new bike and all the bubbles he got for his birthday. We literally played with bubbles for an hour. It was a great productive day, and Jonas got plenty tired from all our time outside.

Sunday was a great family day to take a day of rest and focus on our faith, as we do every Sunday. I am always grateful for the special spirit that is felt on Sunday's, and that Jonas loves spending nursery with his Aunt Britt and Uncle Jason. (The picture has a snapchat filter Uncle Jason played with Jonas during nursery)

Fourth of July was on Monday, it was a great family day filled with opportunities to spend time together, and celebrate the independence and freedoms we enjoy as Americans. We spent the day with Brittany and Jason. The day started with the Rexburg parade, it was the best it has ever been and Jonas had lots of fun collecting candy and seeing the fun "floats" drive by. We also enjoyed our time at the park after the parade, of course this included yet another visit to the carousel. We decided to stay low-key with a BBQ at our home, then some small fireworks with Jonas before bed, and we got to enjoy some bigger fireworks from our neighbors after dark.

Tuesday was the last day of our fun four-day weekend together as a family, we mostly relaxed and got some housework done. We feel so blessed we had the opportunity to spend so much time together this weekend!

{Neighborhood kids playing together}

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