Monday, August 29, 2016

Family Time + Baby Shower

This summer we haven't done any traveling or vacationing, but we have been blessed with lots of family visits. Looking back on our summer pictures, I've realized how blessed we are with the opportunity to do so many fun activities and some quality family time!

My mom and sister threw me a beautiful baby shower, with so many great treats and fun decorations. I was sad a lot of people couldn't make it, since it's summer and none of our family lives in the area, but it was still fun to take time with some family and friends to celebrate baby girl. She has received so many loving gifts, including a closet FULL of pink clothes! (Seriously I have only bought four pieces of clothes, all have been given as gifts or hand-me-downs from my SIL)

{The pictures don't do it justice, the set up was so cute and the food was great! Yogurt bar, sugar cookies, cake pops, and drinks.}

{They had some great prizes for the diaper raffle, guessing our families birth statistics, and guessing the jelly beans in the bottle.}

{Some of the gifts, from when the party was first starting.}

I now love to go in the nursery as it is coming together, and look at all the PINK. Jonas loves it too, he likes to sneak into the bassinet or read the books I have in there (which I stole from his collection).

During this week we got to spend time with my mom, and some of JT's sibilngs including Paige, and Health and Lyndsay. It was fun to see Jonas interact with his little cousin Scarlett, we don't get to see his cousins very often! We got to enjoy lots of fun activities, including celebrating Paige's birthday, going out to eat, seeing the new Ghostbusters, JT going on Pokemon walks with his siblings, Bear World, pool parties in our yard, some park time, and Scarlett's First Birthday party!

Bear World was a hit!

{I mostly took videos of Jonas on the rides with my mom and Paige, he was SO excited he was big enough to go on all of them except the kids roller coaster, but he's only a couple inches short for that one.}

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Baby #2: Outdoor Maternity Pictures

I have been so blessed by my friends during this pregnancy, two of my photographer friends have allowed me to take maternity pictures with them, one outdoors and one in my home. Both have been such great experiences! I have plenty of insecurities about my body during this stage in my life, but they made me feel great taking maternity pictures with them. For my outdoor pictures I had the chance to work with Lena T. Photography, Helena and I became friends during a Statistics class in our early days at BYUI and recently she started a Photography business. She was great to work with and got some awesome shots, even with our distracted toddler!

32 weeks, look at that belly button!

I love this picture because I love JT in it, he is always so loving and caring.