Sunday, September 25, 2016

Baby #2: Third Trimester

My third trimester this time around has been so different from my experience with my first pregnancy, with Jonas. I have gone through so much more physically as my body prepare's for her arrival. While I see it as a blessing, and hope this means I will have a better delivery, it's also been taxing on my body, which I'm sure most women can relate. I have experienced a lot more Braxton Hicks contractions, sickness, nausea, and acid reflux. I have also gone through a lot emotionally, having a girl has really played on my emotions throughout my pregnancy. But overall, I am grateful to be doing well and healthy.

30 Weeks:

My third trimester started off stressful because at 28 weeks I failed my glucose test (the screening done to check for Gestational Diabetes). Since I failed I had to set up a 3-hour test for the following week with includes fasting for about 12 hours, and fasting is a real struggle when you're pregnant! Fearing I had GD my doctor recommended I now go low sugar, and if you know me well you know this is a STRUGGLE, and to do this whether or not I have GD since my blood sugar levels were a little high. Luckily I endured the 3-hour test and passed with flying colors, so I don't have GD! But it was a very stressful couple weeks. Otherwise my pregnancy is still going well, despite the constant discomfort and trouble sleeping.

Also, I found this amazing maternity dress online, and I got it on sale! I love the color and it's really flattering and comfortable. All my pregnant friends should check it out @Love Winnie James

32 Weeks:

At 32 weeks I took my outdoor maternity pictures, previously shared on another blog post. I should note that around this time I started to really feel big and pregnant. I realized I've gained a few more pounds than I did with my first pregnancy at this point, although I think I am carrying the weight better this time around. Sometimes I wake up so much at night from discomfort or needing to pee, it wakes JT up so we both lose sleep. I get acid reflux most nights, which also makes me nauseous sometimes. Some days I wake up exhausted and have a hard time getting through simple tasks, and other days I forget I'm pregnant and get all the house chores done. That's pregnancy I guess!

I also want to note that at the end of this week I got a small cold, nothing big but I was so much more miserable simply because I was pregnant. 

35 Weeks:

This week I hit a month until my due date, since September is a longer month. I have such mixed emotions about approaching the due date, but mostly I'm excited to be done with pregnancy because the nausea, acid reflux, and aches are just too much! These symptoms are so much stronger than they were when I was this far along with Jonas, I'm crossing my fingers it's because baby girl is doing a better job of preparing to be born.

37 Weeks:

I didn't take a bump picture this week, because I started the week with a horrible stomach bug. I have never been so miserable in my life. Getting a bad stomach bug is bad enough, but being so pregnant and close to my due date just made it 10X worse. It was so bad JT had to come home from work (ten minutes after he got to work) so he could take care of us. Luckily with his help and talking to my doctor's nurse all day, I was able to stay hydrated and avoid going to the hospital. I got close to being  dehydrated, but was able to regain my strength with ice chips and slowly get better. The scariest part was being sick and having contractions start. Luckily, they never got too intense and stayed 10 minutes apart, I was not ready to have a baby three weeks early while I was so deathly sick!

By the end of the week I was feeling better so Jonas and I enjoyed a fun date to the frozen yogurt place, Kiwi Loco. Jonas loves going there because he likes to pick out toppings and watch a movie (Toy Story 3) in the kids area. We spent a good hour there, and he hardly touched his treat. But I definitely enjoyed taking him on a fun day-date, since it won't be much longer until he has to share his time with me.

39 Weeks:

Super awkward sun-in-my-eyes pictures, haha. But I had to document how big this bump has gotten, looks like I made another big baby! I have so many mixed emotions about getting to the end of my pregnancy. I feel incredibly blessed that I have been so healthy and she has developed so well throughout my pregnancy, not that it has always been easy. This third trimester has been very hard, physically and mentally, yet as I approach my due date I feel anxious about her arrival so I'm okay if she wants to take her time, as long as it's not too long.

Although, I don't think she will wait too long considering a couple days ago I had a prenatal appointment and I had my doctor check me. We were surprised to find out I was already dilated to a 2  and 50% effaced. She is making more progress than her brother did at this point, so there is hope for my VBAC!

Also, I cut off a few inches of my hair this week because I was not looking forward to maintaining long hair with a newborn. Probably my smartest way to prep for baby!

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