Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Summer Fun

Even in our small town in Idaho we have found ways to enjoy the summer, and I can't believe it is now September! We will have a new baby in less than a month, crazy! So here are a few pictures that show the fun things we enjoyed this summer...

Jonas had his first pony ride! We also got to see lots of cool cars and trucks at the car show in Rigby.
We have also enjoyed lots of fun activities in our new yard this summer! Including lots of pool parties, and playing with the sand and water boxes I made with Dollar Store finds.

How does this pregnant mom survive shopping with a stubborn two-year-old? Lots of quarters!

Family bowling, mini golf, and arcade adventures at Fat Cats.

We experienced a few power outages in Rexburg in July, super frustrating but luckily I had the tablet charged each time so Jonas had some easy activities on hand.

We have loved going to the Farmer's Market! I love going to look at flowers, eat unhealthy foods and get some locally made ice cream.

Throwing rocks in the river with friends! We definitely came home with muddy shoes and jeans. Sometimes it's worth staying up past bedtime to enjoy the nature around us.

Rexburg's County Fair. Jonas got free popcorn and otter pops, plus he got to walk around and say 'hi' to all the farm animals, total win!

Sometimes the Rexburg wind isn't so bad.

First dental appointment! It didn't go horribly and Jonas was pretty happy to get a sucker, ball, and new toothbrush. Hopefully he's more excited about showing the dentist his teeth in six months.

We have enjoyed doing some family fun nights with the Matson's this summer. Most recently we went to Squealers, a family fun center with activities like go-karts, mini golf, and batting cages. Jonas loved it so much he didn't want to leave!

{They let Jonas play in the one's that weren't being used}

JT and I have tried to take some time to go on dates throughout the summer, especially with the due date quickly approaching. So we joined some of JT's cousins in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to enjoy the Western show Bar J Wranglers. It was my first time going and it was so nice to have time just as a couple, plus it was the longest we have ever been away from Jonas for a date (7.5 hours).

To finish our summer we enjoyed an extra long Labor Day weekend, Jt was able to take a couple extra days off so we could have some family time before the baby arrives. We enjoyed lots of fun activities, including mini golf, arcade, exploring the Pocatello Zoo for the first time, the Farmer's Market, shopping, eating out, visiting the Rexburg Temple grounds, and one last carousel ride of the year.

{We had perfect timing with seeing the Grizzly Bears, Jonas spent a good ten minutes saying hi to them while they ate}

{JT was pretty entertained with my need to find a seat, luckily I barely fit into the stroller...haha}

Happy Summer! And welcome Fall! 

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