Sunday, October 9, 2016

Baby #2: Madeline Eve, Birth Story

My pregnancy finally came to an end and we were able to meet our baby girl on Friday, September 30, 2016. She was born via c-section at 2:37pm. Her birth stats were 8lbs 2oz, 21.25 inches, with a full head of hair. Her name, Madeline Eve Dewey.

Anyone that talked to me for a minute during my pregnancy knew that with Jonas I had to have an emergency c-section after hours of laboring and pushing. Getting pregnant this time I first checked with my doctor to make sure everything had healed properly so I could have a safe pregnancy, and hopefully give me a good chance for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarian). My entire pregnancy I had anxiety about the birth. I still remember the first c-section and the pain I went through for weeks after in recovery.

The weeks leading up to my due date I felt a lot more of the pre-labor signs and I could tell my body was getting ready to do its job. During week 39 I felt Braxton Hicks contractions off and on, along with other symptoms like back pain, nausea, painful acid reflux, and pressure. On the night  of Thursday, Sept. 29th I started to not feel well again at night, but I was able to get to sleep with JT rubbing my back. On Friday morning I woke up not feeling great, but that was kind of normal after a few days off and on feeling this way, so I sent JT off to work since my mom was now visiting to help with Jonas. By 8:30 that morning the back pain was starting to get unbearable so I laid back in bed and had my mom watch Jonas. In the next half hour I noticed the pains getting consistent (every 10 minutes) and moving from the back to the front. I was officially starting labor. I was excited, I didn't feel my contractions last time!

I relaxed for a bit then decided I should take a quick shower. Around this same time I lost my mucus plug and had some bloody show (sorry, TMI). I was uncomfortable but also excited that things were progressing so well, but also really nervous. I called my doctors office and decided to monitor my progress at home until my appointment at noon that day. As the next couple hours went on my contractions stayed consistent, and were also getting stronger. I had JT come home in time to go to the doctor with me. 

Once we got to the doctors office my contractions were starting to get a little under 10 minutes. Dr. Evans came in to check me and I was dilated to between a 5-6 and was mostly effaced. But she was still sitting at a -3 station, same position she was in the week earlier. The doctor decided to test her movement and saw that she wouldn't move down when he pushed, similar to how Jonas was when I tried to push him down. This was the point when we had to decide what to do, still proceed with my VBAC which wasn't looking to be successful because of my history, or go with a repeat c-section. This was a very hard decision to make. Talking with the doctor I of course got emotional so he gave us some time to talk, me being indecisive and pregnant we took at least 30 minutes. 

When we got to the point when we had to decide what to do next, I felt so many emotions at once. I spent my entire pregnancy stressing over her birth, worrying I would go overdue or something would go wrong. A few days before this I asked JT to give me a priesthood blessing, and it was a very powerful spiritual blessing I kept on my mind throughout this process. I knew that I needed to not only follow my doctor's advice, whom I have grown very close to through two pregnancies now, but also listen to the promptings I was feeling and my husbands advice. After taking some time, I finally decided it would be best to no longer go with my plan to VBAC and do the c-section.

I had so many emotions driving to the hospital, in the whole 2 minute drive from my doctor's office. Once we arrived they quickly got me admitted to get ready for my surgery, the doctor didn't want to wait since I was already in labor. It is crazy how many people came in and out to get everything ready. But at the same time I felt more relaxed during the process, compared to my emergency c-section the first time. I also loved my spinal, it was so much stronger than the epidural I had last time and it allowed me to be more relaxed and feel less of what was happening during the birth (which was something I preferred since I felt more last time and it made me have a panic attack and get sick).

Although I didn't get the birth I had been dreaming of my entire pregnancy, it was still a great experience. The hospital here in Rexburg works to make everything a great experience for the family, and my doctor allowed JT to record the birth on his phone so I could watch it at a later time.

She was born at 2:37pm, and I knew the moment she was born because I heard her make her first cries. The first things I knew about her was that she had a ton of hair and she was covered in meconium (first bowel movement). She was taken immediately to the NICU to get it cleaned off, but was able to go to dad after five minutes. For the remainder of my surgery we were able to stay together as a family.

During my surgery the doctor found that my uterine wall was very thin, which is a big red flag. Every body is different and recovers from surgery in it's own way, sometimes a mom can have 6 cesarians and never have an issue. But having a thin wall on my second surgery isn't a good sign, and also gave me more reason to believe I made the right choice. When we decide to have another child, in the distant future, I will most likely need to be monitored more at the end of my pregnancy and it could affect the number of children we ultimately decide to have. But today I feel blessed to have this knowledge and have two healthy children to hold.

Naming our little girl was harder than expected. We struggled with narrowing down a name ever since we found out the gender. We actually kept adding names to our list of favorites. But ultimately, Madeline Eve felt like the best fit. I stumbled upon the name Madeline on a list of girl names a few weeks after we found out the gender. I felt very strongly about the name and when I shared it with JT he liked it too. Our only issue was that we want to name her Madeline (Mad-A-Line), not Maddie. So for short we plan on calling her Mads, but usually Madeline. We decided on the middle name Eve because of the mother Eve. I have a deep appreciation for Eve and look up to her courage and strength, and hope to teach these attributes to my daughter.

I was so excited to have Jonas meet his new baby sister! He has done so much better than expected. He loves to give her kisses, get her pacifier, and rub her head lovingly. He is such a sweet big brother!

First bath, she liked them a lot more at the hospital.

I have so much love and appreciation for my husband. Since the moment we decided to do the c-section he has been there to do anything and everything I need. It's hard to recover from surgery those first few days, I couldn't do much and that puts a lot on his shoulders. It was especially hard since the first few days I struggled with pain and needed to stay in the hospital the extra night they offer for cesarian moms. Luckily JT gets more time with us this time around, we are currently enjoying a whole month of bonding (paternity) leave!

We finally made it home!

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