Sunday, October 30, 2016

Madeline Eve: Month One

Madeline turned one month old!

Her first month of life went by so fast. She has been a little more difficult than Jonas was as a newborn, so it's taken some adjusting for mom and dad. She started her first week of life struggling with jaundice, but it wasn't too serious and is doing much better now. She still likes to try to cluster feed, giving herself an upset stomach and projectile spitting-up while mom is still feeding her. That has mostly stopped, but we are still figuring out breast feeding. She has started to adjust better at night and sleeps well in her little bed next to mom. We celebrated her first month by going to church for the first time, and she slept through most of it!

This boy is so obsessed with his sister. Sometimes it's helpful, and sometimes it's frustrating, but it is always heartwarming!

Madeline loves to be held, but she does well getting set down to sleep-most of the time.

Jonas has started to try to breastfeed his stuffed animals, with his belly button! (LOL)

We also ended the month by upgrading our car, there was no more room in our Kia with two car seats! We upgraded to a 2013 Toyota Hylander.

I didn't get too many pictures of Madeline this month because I was so exhausted all the time, hopefully now I can be better since she's doing better at night.

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