Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

We spent Thanksgiving in Utah this year with the Dewey's! We enjoyed a traditional holiday feast, black Friday shopping, bowling/arcade, and taking Jonas to the aquarium!

{LOL. At the end of black Friday shopping the store at Nike took FOREVER so Jonas and I waited outside and Jonas decided he wanted to play in the dirt, I could not stop him.}

I love my Jonas!

This was also our first road trip with both kids. It went pretty well! No crying for Madeline since we timed it well with nap time. Although both trips (there and back) when we stopped to feed her in the car, she had total poop blow outs so that added lots of time to our travel. We even got lucky on the way home with Jonas napping for almost half the drive. Hopefully we can be this lucky when we go back down for Christmas!

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