Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Review of 2016

2016 was a good year. It had some great ups, Madeline's birth, and some lows, my cousin Chad passing away. Reflecting on 2016 I picked a picture from each month. 

I hope all my family and friends can look back at 2016 with better insight and look to 2017 with hope to do and be better, that is my goal!

(Reed cousins, Chad is on the far right.)

In memory of my cousin Chad, who we lost in October. I think I'm still in shock that he is gone, and I feel sad that the last few years we haven't been as close but I miss him dearly and pray that his family can feel some relief from their grief in 2017.

(He was diagnosed with NF2 the day after my wedding, five years ago.)

(Summer 2013 - Chad is on the far right, this picture is with the Walker and Meldrum siblings (minus Harrison and Amy), and Chloe and Adam.)

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