Friday, December 30, 2016

Madeline Eve: Month Three

Our sweet girl is three months old, time has gone by fast! This month we had fun celebrating her first Christmas and dressing her up.

Madeline keeps on growing, she hardly looks like a newborn anymore. We moved her up to size two diapers, hoping we will have less poop explosions (she has given us far more problems in that department than her brother did). Madeline is really into sticking things into her mouth, mostly her hands. She loves to look at interesting things, like mobiles. She loves watching brother play. She has gotten very clingy and gets upset if she thinks she's alone. Madeline also still doesn't sleep through the night, most of the time she wakes up every three hours to eat but goes right back to sleep after a feeding.

JT's month of paternity leave was such a blessing, we have seen such a difference between her and Jonas and because of it Madeline is a lot more comfortable letting dad hold her and rock her to sleep.

Madeline started getting interested more in holding small toys, sticking things in her mouth, and looking at interesting objects.

Tummy time by the Christmas tree.

Library visit! It's hard to make it out of the house on a newborn schedule but for Jonas we try.

She loves bath time in her Puj bath!

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