Monday, January 9, 2017

Favorite Baby Products

Madeline is now three months old, and we are on our second kid so I have had a good opportunity to try out more baby products to see what I really like. Every baby is different, and every parenting style is unique depending on the parent and individual child, but I thought I would share my favorite baby products for the first few months. Some of these things I wish I had known when I had Jonas, would have made life easier!

I should preface this with adding that when possible I purchased most items on Amazon or I have free shipping with both, and I get an additional 5% off with my Target Redcard. Some baby products are from small businesses so I had to use their individual websites, but many times you can find they do great promotions or coupons on social media.

First time around we tried a couple different ways to baby wear, and while they worked they weren't very comfortable or easy to use. When I was pregnant with Madeline I really wanted to try out the Solly, I had read such great reviews online and from friends so we invested in one and we love it! The material is stretchy and light, they have great videos on how to use it, and it's one size fits all so JT and I can both use it. For the first couple months of life Madeline spent at least a couple hours in it every day, such a life saver when you have a needy newborn and a toddler! I still use it when she is having a fussy day and needs to be held, and when I go grocery shopping so I don't have to lug around her carseat.

Investing in a good baby swing when you have a baby is such a life saver. I got my mamaroo when I was pregnant with Jonas, it is easy to assemble and dissemble, which is great for storing it when your baby outgrows it so you can store it between kids. Jonas was pretty difficult about sleeping anywhere that wasn't on my chest as a baby but he would nap in his swing. Madeline sleeps well in her bed but this swing was nice to have downstairs as a newborn so she could nap while I got stuff done. While she doesn't nap in it anymore we still use it a few times a day while I clean, cook, and play with Jonas. She loves watching the mobile and it is great for when she is in a fussy mood. While this is one of the more expensive baby swings, I definitely think it is worth the investment, especially if you use it for a few kids. Sometimes you can even find them used in great condition at a cheaper price. 

Fisher-Price Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper

This has been Madeline's primary bed and it has been so great! I have noticed a great difference in sleep between my kids because of this rock 'n play sleeper. This one has a rocking setting on a timer, it really helps keep Madeline asleep after I set her down.  She also likes sleeping inclined. Sometimes I can get her to rest well in her bassinet on her back, but this has been where most of her sleep takes place. Fisher-Price is always updating and changing styles so you can usually find one on-sale.

My mom got me a set of these amazing swaddle blankets and a burp cloth, and they are seriously the softest and stretchiest blankets! They are our favorite blankets to use with Madeline and they are easy to wash with all the poop and spit up that gets on them. There are some other great companies that make muslin blankets, but of the one's I have tried these are the best. I wish I had more because I use them so much!

When Jonas was a baby we didn't really have a good baby bath and it was always a process to give him a bath. For Madeline we decided to just try to wash her in the sink, but every time bath time came around she cried. So I decided to get the Puj Tub and since her first bath in it she has loved it. It also stores much easier than most baby baths and dries fast. I was lucky and got it for sale during a warehouse sale they had a couple months ago, they also have them on Zulily sometimes.

While this is a bit of a more expensive pacifier, I found that it worked really well for Madeline. She didn't like the one the hospital gave us too much and this one worked great because it is better at imitating the breast. It was a necessity the first couple months because she had her spit up problem and she would try to cluster feed and would look to breastfeed for comfort. Since I couldn't constantly feed her this was great at calming and comforting her. We haven't used it as much the last couple weeks because I'm trying to not let her depend too much on a pacifier, the mistake I made with Jonas.

Using a sound machine has really helped with nap-time and bedtime for both of my kids. There are a lot of great machines you can find online, I chose this one because it's a good brand and the colors match my decor. I mostly use the white noise setting, but sometimes we use the others and it creates a good noise barrier, especially since we room share with Madeline.

I love my multi-use nursing cover! I seriously never leave the house without it. I am not comfortable breastfeeding in public if people can see me, but I don't mind feeding while using my cover. It also doubles as a car seat cover. There are a lot of great brands you can buy them from, like Covered Goods, Milk Snob, or the one I got from Copper Pearl (pictured above). It really comes down to your budget and what pattern you want.

This is one of the best swaddles we have used. We tried quite a few different brands and styles with Jonas and Madeline, but this is my favorite. It's easy to use and if your baby doesn't like to be swaddled it can still be used as a sleep sack because you can unsnap the arm holes. They also have different sizes you can keep swaddling as the baby grows. 

*I want to add that the first few weeks we used the Halo SleepSack, we got one from the hospital after Jonas was born but both kids grow out of them fast so that's when we switch to the woombie.

The NoseFrida isn't really a baby necessity, but it also is. I always hated using the bulbs to clean out baby noses, they hate it and it can be hard to see what you get out. I got this at my baby shower for Madeline and it is the best!

And that is my list of my favorite baby products for the first few months! All of these items have helped me so much in surviving the newborn stage, and I'm grateful for anything that makes life easier those first few months.


  1. Tell me more about that pacifier!! Miles doesn't like any of the ones we have tried, and I'm tired of being a human paci. We are flying to WA in a month and I'd really like to have a paci he likes for the long plane ride. Some reviews I read said this paci had a bad smell. Was yours ok?

    1. I haven't noticed any weird smells! I know they are more natural so if you use it for too long it could go bad, they last like 3 months though. And I just make sure to sanitize it by using boiling water for 5 minutes. I hope something works, I hate being a human pacifier!